New Links Section: This Week’s Reading

Today I’m launching a new section to this site, "This Week’s Reading."

I’ve scanned, skimmed, and read a ton of material in the course of researching and writing this book over the past three years.  I have an enormous range of sources to consider, everything from the "Origins of Quantum Mechanics" to the "Nazi-UFO Connection."    Besides all the books that have been piling up in my office, I visit dozens — maybe hundreds — of websites every week.

I’ve only been able to handle the input thanks to a couple of organizer programs like Onfolio, which make it very easy to bookmark and search through my rapidly growing database of sources.  Onfolio also makes it very easy for me to relay links from the material I’ve assembled to this website, so that’s what I’m going to start doing.

In the course of my travels, as I find sources that might be interesting for others to see, I will use Onfolio to post the links under "This Week’s Reading."

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