New Forum: “Soundtrack”

Over this past weekend, a couple of forum members mentioned a couple of songs whose lyrics seem pertinent to the stories being told and the themes being conveyed here.  Some one suggest that we start keeping track of these tunes, that they might someday be part of the soundtrack of the movie that is sure to find its way to the bijou after the book is published.

So I have created a new forum just for the purpose of discussing "The Soundtrack of the Parallel Universe."  It is an open forum, and the way it’s set up, every song idea or suggestion can have its own thread within the forum.

I have to be out of town again the next few days (going down to Dallas to catch up with Ann and see her father), so perhaps this new forum will give you all something to play with while I’m "AFK."

Not that I’m ever really very far from "K"…


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