“Nazi UFO” Mythos Debunked…

 …again,and with a wink and nod toward Adamski (and Cook, among others):

Issue 24 shows a painting of a huge flying saucer with machine-guns and swastikas, landed for maintenance on an air base strip. A headline explains: "UFOS of the 3rd Reich – Are Nazi Secret Weapon the Origin of the UFO Phenomenon?"

They are not, but for more than 50 years now this theory re-appears regularly, each time refuted, each time resurrected as if nothing were said. Here it is again following an article claiming that there are indigenous inhabitants on the Moon and another that tells that UFOs are manufactured by a mysterious terrestrial super-intelligence who wants to save planet from ecological disaster.

Go beyond the illustration and the sensationalist headline of the front cover and follow in a step by step guided visit about the claims in this article on the infamous Nazi flying saucers written by the journalist and ufologist Jean-Pierre Troadec.

… it is claimed that the article "will shed light" on
German secret projects, and that the result of these secret projects
"might constitute" the UFOS seen at the beginning of the Fifties. But
we shall see that it is not so: instead of shedding light, the article
propagates shameless lies.

of the fake saucer photographs shown by Adamski was actually a
porcelain lamp top decorated with table tennis balls. Although all
serious ufologists know about that, Jean-Pierre Troadec quite simply goes on as if the photographs were real.

I'm sure the "authorized biography of Townsend Brown" will clear it all up…

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