More Pictures!

Illustrations have been added to the following early chapters of "Defying Gravity:  The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown."  If you’ve read them already, you might want to just click quickly through them now to see the pictures.

Prologue: Every Cabby in Catalina
Chapter 1: The Boy With the Chestnut Hair
Chapter 2: No Moving Parts
Chapter 4: How Many Generals Does It Take?
Chapter 5: Electric Earthworms
Chapter 6: The Second Edison

I think that’s it… I’ll be adding other illustrations to future chapters as we go along. 

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2 Responses to More Pictures!

  1. Penny Riley says:

    Dear Mr Schatzkin,
    To start. Was this an accident that I was made aware of you ? I pretend to know. Anyway, I happened across this site because I was looking for information concerning biorythyms, go figure. As fate has it, 3 hours later after reading your future installments for your new book “Parallel Universe by T. Townsend Brown”. Getting cut off by spam mail, then joining the forum at the Townsend website under P H RILEY, I could not leave my frickin chair at my computer, at home. I could not move until I read as much as my eyeballs would allow.(This was a day off to do some painting around the house ). Well ,that didn’t happen but a much more wonderful thing did. Now, I will try to explain to my husband why the kitchen cabs have not been painted? Oh well, my assumed day was not allowed to happen, because my mind and soul were taking it’s next step of soul enlightenment of the new year by invisible forces. That sounds good dosen’t it? Sorry to ramble. I will be going purchase your previous book at my nearest bookstore for “The Boy Who Invented Television”.
    thank you,
    Penny Harris Riley

  2. Paul Schatzkin says:

    Thank you for that kind feedback, Penny. I’m glad you “stumbled” upon our unfolding epic here, and it’s always gratifying to learn that there are indeed people who find this material compelling, however esoteric it might be. I really appreciate it. –PS

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