Laptop Probs for the 4th of July

Happy Independence Day, everybody.

Today, I am compelled to observe the occasion by being independent of my laptop computer.

The laptop — in this case a less than one year old MacBook, crashed yesterday, and has been diagnosed with a defunct hard drive. That’s the bad news. The good news is I think everything on it is well backed up, and except for a few e-mail messages I think I will be able to restore all my apps and files once I decide the best approach to replacing the hard drive (see my blog post re: my run-in with the “Genius Bar” at the Apple Store yesterday.

So, while I don’t have the laptop at my disposal as usual, I do have my desktop, and I’ll be monitoring the forums that way over the weekend.

On an unrelated note, I will also mention that Ann is in Texas at the moment. Her father is in the hospital again, we’re waiting for a prognosis, but the outlook at the moment is… well, grim.

So, thinks are a tad dodgy here this 4th of July weekend.


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  1. Elizabeth Helen Drake says:

    ” Just remember dear, you’ll always have us! Elizabeth

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