Is This Why Teller Was Interested in Brown?

A member of our forums from Australia ("Langley") offers us this clip from YouTube on the subject of EMP – ElectroMagneticPulse devices, or, more precisely, weapons.

Readers will recall the anecdote in Chapter 4: How Many Generals Does It Take where in the famous Dr. Edward Teller — the self-anointed ‘Father of the Hydrogen Bomb’ — walks around an early prototype of the Ionic Breeze device (aka "The Fan") and finally announces, "I don’t know what makes it work."   One is rightly compelled to wonder, now, just why would such a luminary as Edward Teller even be interested in something like Townsend Brown’s fan? 

Writes our friend from OZ, "this you might be interested in as it may show a connection – why Teller was interested in Brown’s expertise."

The segment (apparently from a Discovery Channel program) continues.  As you’re watching, think about the USS Thresher, which was sunk in 1963 in what "Energy from the Vacuum" and Tesla denizen Col. Tom Bearden says was the result of just the kind of technology being discussed here:

Just more evidence that there’s more going on out there than gets reported in the papers every day…

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