We suspect that Townsend Brown is posing in front of GCHQ in this photo from the mid-1950s

Was GCHQ Where This Photo Was Taken?

Finding verifiable information Townsend Brown’s visits to Europe in the mid 1950s is just one of the many challenges this enterprise faces.  Here, we wonder if Brown was somehow affiliated with UK’s Government Communications Headquarters, aka GCHQ.

Recently we have been discussing in the forums Dr. Browns various travels through England and France in the mid 1950s.   I have in my archives one photo that appears to be from that period, but I have been unable to identify the exact location.  I have shown it to one expert on the time/subject, and he has identified it only as “1950’s, definitely England” and “definitely MI5.  That’s how I know it is in England.”

Another source suggested the structure in the background is the GCHQ facility in Cheltenham, England.

I’m not sure why it is important now, but it seems it would be very useful to get a positive ID on this location.  I have posted a larger version of the photo here in the forums.  If you think you can correctly identify this location, please post your answers there.

While such things can never be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, we are fairly certain that Townsend Brown was involved in some kind of national security / espionage operations over the course of his life.  Morgan said as much in his very first letters to me, which are quoted in my book.

And O’Riley – the Caroline Group operative who escorted Dr. Brown behind enemy lines in Germany in the closing days of World War II, who also vetted Morgan during his recruitment in the 1960s (did I mention there’s a book?) told stories about their time in the Berlin Tunnel, monitoring communications from the Russian Embassy in 1956.

So the connection is pretty well established.  If we could identify the location in this photo, that might add one more confirmation to the narrative.

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