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Here’s a story that’s right up our alley, from the “Science Times” section of today’s New York Times:

Link: Inside the Black Budget

“It’s a fresh approach to secret government,” Steven Aftergood, a security expert at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, said in an interview. “It shows that these secret programs have their own culture, vocabulary and even sense of humor.”

One patch shows a space alien with huge eyes holding a stealth bomber near its mouth. “To Serve Man” reads the text above, a reference to a classic “Twilight Zone” episode in which man is the entree, not the customer. “Gustatus Similis Pullus” reads the caption below, dog Latin for “Tastes Like Chicken.

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  1. Now, the rest of the story, Four years ago, researching evidence we have gravity controlled ships now. I went looking into this “patch” “insignia” window into the black world. What I found shocked me.
    Who Says there are no accidental leaks of really secret programs and projects. The Times missed most tantalizing and startling patches,by a light year. What did I fInd.? One patch was a circular window that showed a DISC with a banner beneath that said TEST OPS 6512 TEST SQUADRON EDWARDS AFB., The disc was streaking into space
    above a flat desert with a mountain range behind it. Another showed a
    triangle streaking into space, with the banner saying 445 FLIGHT TEST
    SQUADRON. Another showed the 716 test Squadron Edwards itshowed a black triangle with spooky eyes. The triangle is literally black.
    The day the Times runs these patches it is likely the full throat of
    the UFO volcano will be hoisting the world we knew into a cloud of dust..
    I’ve gone back to the various official and unofficial web sites and these patches have vanished. What happened? Insignia have leaked black world success before.
    Maybe the TIMES can find those patches. Today’s? Maybe a patch that shows a big big disc with US flag .the USS BEN RICH a slogan Tau Ceti II Team Beta or “Epsilon Eridani Expedition Gamma -USS Thomas Brown
    ab initio Schrodingers Warp Cats”? .
    Few researchers have honestly grappled with over 100 folk who watched
    discs being test flown in the Tehapchapi’s Ca. over ten years ago. Vince White

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