Gone Fishing

OK, not exactly gone fishing. More like, gone swimming with the fishes.  Hopefully not in the sense that expression was used on "The Sopranos."

Ann and I leave at oh-dark-thirty Sunday morning and we’ll be gone for roughly two weeks. I will not be taking a laptop (what’s THAT gonna be like?), so I will not be checking my e-mail or monitoring the forums while I’m gone. So, if the secrets of the universe are revealed during this time, somebody please make a note and send me the link.

Also, new users: now that our new software seems to have the bogus "bot" sign-up issue under control, registration has been normalized to a "user activated" mode.  If you register for the forums, you’ll be sent an e-mail to confirm your registration.  You don’t have to wait for a system administrator to do anything.

If there are any other issues that arise during my absence, please contact the deputy system administrator.

Thanks, everybody, for your continued interest.


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