George White & Hector Serrano Respond

As promised in the previous post, I contacted George White, the author of this article about testing the Biefeld-Brown effect in a vacuum.  I was curious about George’s reference to "original experiments" conducted with a votive candle, since I’m not familiar with any such "original" experiments that Townsend conducted.  George replied to my query yesterday.   I post his reply in the "comments" that follow the original post. There should also be a link under the "Recent Comments" section of the column to the right.   

George’s comment mentions this website which describes an elementary physics experiment to measure the effect of "ion wind" using a candle, but I still don’t see a direct connection to anything TTB did.

On the other side of this controversy, I posed a related question via  to Hector Serrano about the experiments he conducted in NASA’s vacuum chamber, and Hector has posted this reply.

Responding to my confusion between Mr. White’s claim of "singificant thrust" -v- Mr. Serrano’s description of merely a "visible force," Hector asserts,

"Significant, that’s any force, because any force would be a violation
of the law of conservation of momentum according to our current
understanding of physics."

That does seem to be crux of the issue, doesn’t it?


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