The dreaded UFO topic

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Re: The dreaded UFO topic

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Paul, bits of Townsend tech are leaking into the public, now. To quote myself from my old blog:
Professor J. Reese Roth of the University of Tennessess, published: Electrohydrodynamic Flow Control with a Glow-Discharge Surface Plasma in the year 2000, his work in the field of EHD was highly classified and he was found guilty of failing to protect his research and given received a four year sentence for (willfully) allowing secrets to fall into the hands of the People's Republic of China.
What the Chinese have done with said information may be deduced from the 2010 publication of Numerical Investigation of Plasma Active Flow Control out of the School of Jet Propulsion at Beijing University.

EHD has been the open secret of propulsion research for some time. This excerpt from an Air Force Research Lab press release, AFRL Proves Feasibility of Plasma Actuator, describes the applications of it for propulsion purposes:

AFRL is laying the groundwork to develop revolutionary hypersonic aerospace vehicles. Researchers are examining the feasibility of replacing traditional mechanical actuators, which move like wing flaps to control an air vehicle's flight control surfaces, with plasma actuators that require no moving parts and are more reliable.

As part of its Boundary Layers and Hypersonics program, AFRL conducted a wind tunnel test to evaluate the feasibility of using plasma actuators for airframe flight control. The Boundary Layers and Hypersonics program is developing the knowledge of fluid physics to facilitate future revolutionary aerospace vehicle designs."

Another applied variant of EHD principles led to an ion propulsion (IP) method, ideal for in-spaace propulsion (as opposed to hypersonic flight within the earth's atmosphere). Apparently this technology has been known to be feasible since the first working ion thruster engine was developed by Harold Kaufman at Cleveland's NASA Glenn Research Center in 1960.
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Re: The dreaded UFO topic

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At some point I will publish as much as I can of the interview I had with Moore back in the 'aughts.
Ooh, please do! I feel like I have unfinished personal business with Moore, if it was in fact photocopies of Moore's Townsend Brown dossier that I read in the late 1980s or early 1990s. I'd really love to know how he felt about the Townsend Brown subject after being one of the first to (re)introduce him to the world in "The Wizard of Electro-Gravity". My impression had been that, sometime in the early 1990s, he sort of got burned out on the subject and dumped it (and his dossier).

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