I'll Start. I'm Paul.

If you are new to this forum – or, for that matter, if you're one of the returning regulars from 'the before times' – please use this forum to tell us who you are, where you are tuning in from, how you learned of this subject and something about the nature of your interest. Please do NOT POST elsewhere until you have introduced yourself here.
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Paul Schatzkin
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I'll Start. I'm Paul.

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Paul Schatzkin.

Chief Instigator.

I started this website / forum in ~2005 when I was researching and writing the life / times / science of Thomas Townsend Brown.

The project was set aside (aka abandoned) in a moment of pique in early 2009. It is now in the process of being resurrected, restored, rewritten, and released in the first few weeks of 2023.

There is a lot more to do before then.

Stay tuned.

Paul Schatzkin, author of 'The Man Who Mastered Gravity' https://amz.run/6afz
It's "a multigenerational project." What's your hurry?
"We will just sail away from the Earth, as easily as this boat pushed away from the dock" - TTB
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