New Rules - Please Read Before Posting

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New Rules - Please Read Before Posting

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When posting to these forums, please follow a few basic guidelines:

1) If you are new here, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the territory before you begin posting. Keep your posts "on topic."

2) Please DO NOT PASTE enormous tracts of text from other websites into this one. If you see something on another site that seems pertinent to this discussion, by all means post a link to that site, and a paragraph (or two if you must) from that site. But most importantly, explain to others WHY you think that post is pertinent to this discussion. We can all follow the link to the original text and read as much as necessary. What is most important to this discussion is WHY you think the linked text warrants our time and attention.

3) Keep your posts reasonably brief. As a guide: a typical newspaper editorial column is about 800 words. If that's enough for Paul Krugman or George Will, it should be enough for us as well.

4) The management reserves the right to delete any post that does not adhere to these conditions without further consideration or notice.


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