"Start Here" -v- "Preface"

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Re: "Start Here" -v- "Preface"

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I think the whole Alice through the Looking Glass .... white Rabbit ....cheshire cat thingy has probably been sort of a code bunch of messages from another intelligence which reaches out and touches much more than just a few people. The white Rabbit has been around so early and as I recall it was the owner of the " Caroline" who proudly owned a first draft of that story, Now why would it mean so much to him?

The Matrix of course is our modern day thing. But Pauls story has roots that go back even further so his use of Alice quotes I think is very well founded and appropriate.

And yes. The Matrix thing is eerily similar. And if you notice, when people are pushed to try to explain quantum anything they usually go to the white rabbit .... as if they just can't seem to help themselves. Odd, huh?

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Alice ... and Fred

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Yes, I made a similar point recently: if the "rabbit hole" metaphor seems over-used, at least this story comes by it honestly, seeing as how Eldridge Johnson had the original manuscript under glass on the Caroline.

And I'm not sure why I'm thinking of this at the moment, but reading Victoria's post reminds me of what the physicist Fred Alan Wolfe (aka "Captain Quantum" says in "What the Bleep:"
"If you study science long enough and seriously enough and deeply enough, if you don't come out feeling wacko about it, you haven't understood a thing."
Which is not unlike the whole Townsend Brown tale....

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Re: "Start Here" -v- "Preface"

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Thats a good point Paul and Victoria, Pauls story does come by the rabbit thing honestly and as part of its heritage, One has to wonder what it is that drives people to use the "Looking Glass" idea so much or why it meant so much to Mr. Johnson. Of course I think he must have had a much deeper underrstanding than most of his day. Don't forget that story point Paul, I think it could be valuable.... the fact that he kept it on board the Caroline.

And its true Paul. Probably this story could drive you crazy if you are trying to resolve all of the issues and uncover all of the mysteries. But if you don't go at it like that but just try to tell what you can see and what you have experienced. That surely is all that any reader would ask of you. Then its up to them personally to go further, to uncover more. You see thats going to be the challenge. I see it happening here on the forum.

I think thats the challenge that Dr. Brown must have hand picked you to do. See it the best that you can, write it the best you can and then throw it out there and let things develop. Going to be very interesting indeed!

Drove past Ashlawn the other day and thought of the kid with the chestnut hair .... and the girl in the library, Great story. I want to see a copy ( one at least) on the shelves of the Great Valley Senior High School. I will donate it myself if I have to. MarkC
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Re: "Start Here" -v- "Preface"

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"Not unlike the whole Townsend Brown tale"

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