Epilogue: The Sound of Time

Use this section for any discussion specifically related to the chapters posted online of the unfolding biography, "Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown
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Epilogue: The Sound of Time

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right here

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Right here, right now, no place I would rather be. Thanks for that Trickfox. Here we go huh? Victoria
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so much

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I wanted to thank you Paul for taking the time to mention Charles Miller again. Just one of the many loose threads I know in this story but golden threads to some.

Just wanted you to know that I am doing the best I can with a long road ahead of me, I have appreciated the help from all of you.

Victoria ... I get the dance after Mikado!

And a salute to Morgan. It was he who handed me that flag ... folded a certain way and I will never forget the man. grinder
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Mark said elsewhere he wants to hear my thoughts. My question about the capabilities of the machine are answered. Of course, if Dr. Brown was killed by the terrorists in 1936, then who invented the time machine for Morgan to use to save him? I can only conclude that Morgan showed up in 1936 for the rescue, Brown recognized him when he met him later, and that Morgan was then sent on his rescue mission.

Causality requires that every consequent have an antecedent. It's just that the antecedent may not be in the past.

What an amazing book, Paul. T. T. Brown did deserve to have his story told, and if all you can do is describe the trees blowing in the wind, that's okay. It shows that the wind is there.

I suppose it appears by my comments that I'm less interested in the people than I am the technology and science behind everything. It really isn't true. The technology is like the tree blowing in the wind, and it is the tangible manifestation of a great man's insight and mind. To ever recreate and rebuild what Dr. Brown has done would be a tribute to the man himself. Some day, when we're taking "flights," it will not be because of a technology, but because of a man's mind. All the accomplishments, our freeways, our cars, our computers, our pens, our groceries, our furniture, our concepts of how the world works... these are not creations ex nihilo. They all have a source: the mind of man.

So, Paul, thank for this tribute and story of the mind and spirit of a powerful and wonderful man.
"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research!" -Einstein
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Paul...As with all living and breathing entities, I knew when this day came I would feel that certain sadness, that the moments that I have enjoyed on this forum with so many others were already sliding inexorably into the darkness of the past.

I also feel admiration for what you and Linda, Mr.T, and all those involved in collecting the information and images to help bring TT Brown's life to life for us and other audiences to come.

Rest easy my bragh, and check back in once in a while to monitor the kids in the schoolhouse. Thank you so much for bringing this great man to life again.

flow.... :wink:
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Wow. Whew.

I'm exhausted. I feel like I've been holding my breathe in anticipation for 5 years.

All well worth it. Well done.
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I'm really sad today learning of Morgan’s death. My mood is lightened by the perhaps whimsical thought that Morgan would have left us with a grin, the grin of a Cheshire cat painted on his UFO / time machine deliberately shown in 1942 for us to recognise now, and in so doing, he’s putting a grin on our faces too. With Mr Twigsnapper’s tuition, he was surely ‘the cat’s whiskers’.
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some students of this book

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The REAL students of this story, those who have followed it carefully and know that Paul has REALLY done his homework here will read those last chapters .... and nod ..... and even when we all hit Mr. Twigsnappers strange story about the man slumped in a chair, unconcious, and then being saved .... will read Pauls conclusion ... the year was 1936 .... the man was Morgan .... WE will all take a deep breath and smile ( as I did) and immediately say " OF COURSE"

But I guess that we all have to be prepared for those who are speed reading through these pages. That will be an enormous speed bump for them. And it will probably throw them into consternation and confusion and then the only way to restore order to their mind will be to discredit your conclusions Paul. You will have to be mad. Linda Brown is a mad woman somewhere isolated from society ( rightly so) and Twigsnapper will be a senile old man with fanciful stories that you have bought wholesale. Thats what many will say.

And all I can think of is something that Elizabeth just mentioned to me. Its a quote from Alice in Wonderland.

" But I don't want to go among mad people! Alice remarked
"Oh, you can't help that" said the Cheshire Cat. We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad" How do you know I'm mad? said Alice.
You Must be" said the Cat. " Or you wouldn't be here"

I like it here Paul. Call me whatever you want. I enjoy this company.

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Get busy living

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OK.... we have reached the end of this story.....

But there is no end to the FTM story itself .......

Now....we have to get buzy living...

The research is not done yet. It might never be completely done.

It must be continued, and I have no doubt it will be.

Only few will ever know or understand the rest of it.\

It will take some very level headed people to deal with the remaining issues.

Let's see what comes of it, shall we?

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Lines from the Bhagavad Gita come to mind:

If the red slayer thinks he slays,
Or if the slain thinks he is slain,
They know not well the subtle ways
I keep, and pass, and turn again.

Well done, Paul.

As ever,

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Re: If...

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Its hard to type with tears in my eyes, and I only ever see through a glass darkly. What's certain is this, that there was on earth once a truly beautiful life with eyes given to see the way that things were made. And having understood he bequeathed it to only those, who, like him, were pure of heart.

If the study of the creation and interactions of ions taught anyone anything, it is that normal life is but a curtain, and once passed, nothing ceases nor corrupts.

The physical realm is like a bomber, the zero point field merely like the boundary layer of ionised air flowing over the weirdly shaped wings.

I'm mighty glad that GTI cheque kept rolling in for as long as it did.

I wonder, did Brown and Schauberger ever meet? Did the Manhattan boys see the fizz at zero point in the cyclotron at Berkeley? Did Penney figure it out.

Still so many questions. When I my mortal coil is sprung, I'm gonna have to have a good old yarn with this TT feller.

Brian Ferry's "Avalon" is on repeat play. Im sad but fizzy, thanks for a remarkable journey and learning curve everyone.
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holding your breathe

Post by LongboardLOVELY »

Chris Knight wrote:Wow. Whew.

I'm exhausted. I feel like I've been holding my breathe in anticipation for 5 years.

All well worth it. Well done.
Andrew, 21 years. Since March of 1987.....
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Only Time Will Tell ~cool lyrics~

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Scales and clocks just can't be trusted
Keys and locks are destined to be busted
Metaphors were never made for keeping score
And I'm feeling for the sound of time
Is it the answer or just a suggestion
Is love what we truly want or merely a protection
Is this music made to last or crumble like a shell
Is there Heaven here on Earth or is this really ****
Only time will tell, if I am right or I am wrong
Only time will tell, is there a message in this song
Will it ever make sense, will it ever ring a bell
Only time will tell
Are we destined to be ruled by a bunch of old white men
Who compare the world to football and are programmed to defend
I'd like to try a princess or a non-terrestrial
Who is neither boast nor bashful is there really such a girl
Only time will tell, if I am right or I am wrong
Only time will tell, is there a message in this song
Will it ever make sense, will it ever ring a bell
Only time will tell
I woke up this morning feeling absolutely grand
For nearly half a century I've been singing in a band
I'd like to think I'll make it to two thousand and one
Will the party be at my house God I wonder who will come
Only time will tell, if I am right or I am wrong
Only time will tell, is there a message in this song
Will it ever make sense, will it ever ring a bell
Only time will tell
Only time will tell, if I am right or I am wrong
Only time will tell, is there a message in this song
Will it ever make sense, on this crazy carousel
Only time will tell

Only time will tell
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Post by kevin.b »

I have so much to say, feel so honoured to be here now , with all of you upon here, but first,
Last night I posted on the 80 thread how strange I felt, I really felt strange, couldn't grasp what it was at all, had a couple of glasses of red wine as toast and in admiration for DrBrown and Morgan, I re-read and re-read this epilouge, trying to come to terms with how reality was vanishing in front of me, very very odd.
I found Jimmy Buffetts songs on youtube, so had them blasting out when WHAM, reality did go, the house went wobbly everything went wobbly.
Guess what I did?
I grabbed my dowsing rods and tried standing up to dowse, fell over.
Stood up and the rods were nearly ripped out of my hands, huge cracking and rumbling noises were everywhere, I thought a bomb had gone off.
It was an earth quake, 5.2 on some scale or other.
And I am stood dowsing it, wow.
TIME flowed very fast, the flows of stuff were tremendous.
And Jimmy Buffett was blasting this out,
Jimmy Buffett , only time will tell, totally bizzare, deleted.
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Remain seated at all times

Post by greggvizza »

Paul wrote:In the Epilogue:

Pure conjecture, I know. But at the risk of going completely off the deep-end and entirely discrediting the hundreds of pages that precede this one, I’m going to offer up three anecdotes that have come to light in the course of this research that come as close as we are likely to ever get to finding any evidence of the proposition.
The quick “flights” described in the story would seem a bit off the deep end if it were not for the fact that Robert Beckwith documented their existence in a paper published in 2002, which was before Paul ever even heard of the name TT Brown.

Below is Beckwith's description of the Cardinal, one of many bird named ships. Quoting from page 18 of Levitation Teleportation & Time Travel:

“The ship was in the Persian Gulf on Friday, in Tampa yesterday, Saturday, and will operate in Japan on Monday."

“The ship is safe in harbors having potentially unfriendlies present so long as they are operating in the invisible mode. Their duty is very dicey however, when they must become visible so as to go on deck and secure a mine brought up to take back for reverse engineering of the latest triggering means.

We saw three large "degaussing" cabinets the size of a double width refrigerator manufactured by Marconi of Italy. (There is nothing magnetic to degauss!) One of the cabinets had a small indicator light labeled "teleportation mode"!

The mine hunter was the choice duty in the Navy coming ahead of submarine duty. Mine hunter training used a mission control display showing a harbor with an icon for the ship. The display used about a two-mile square map identifying the ship location in plain English. The mission control officer told us that actual duty was the same as the training with the location "blinking" from one harbor somewhere on Earth to another. This capability was well known in at least parts of the Navy represented by the crew as a very poorly kept secret, thus becoming the choice of Navy assignments. The engineering officer on the Cardinal had been the engineering officer on a carrier but said that he chose this duty as "where the action is". His engineering crew on the carrier was much larger than the crew of about 65 on the Cardinal.

The following is a list of ships of the Osprey Class:
MCH-51 Osprey
MCH-52 Heron
MHC-53 Pelican
MHC-54 Robin
MHC-55 Oriole
MHC-56 Kingfisher
MHC-57 Cormorant
MHC-58 Black Hawk
MHC-59 Falcon
MHC-60 Cardinal
MHC-61 Raven
MHC-62 Shrike

I believe that public exposure and degree of acceptance of the reality of Levitation, Teleportation and Time travel will the greatest driving factor to society in this century!"

Rather than focusing on whether Beckwith is crazy or not, his account should actually be viewed as lending credibility to Paul's account. Two unrelated sources describing the same type of craft. If anything, Beckwith has more visible credentials than any of the mysterious shadowy folks in the TTb story. His account being in sync with theirs actually makes them less shadowy.

The end of the story was sad, but it didn't go out in darkness but rather in a blaze of light. I somehow see this as the beginning of a whole new technological era. For some reason the holders of this technology have chosen now as the time to start leaking it all out. What was the quote "Remain seated at all times and keep your hands and feet within the vehicle".

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