Questions about "Charles"

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Questions about "Charles"

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You have mentioned a character named "Charles" in the earlier chapters . I am thinking of "Closing Ashlawn" particularly . It is obvious from what you wrote that Charles is working for Dr. Brown though, other than maybe being his driver you are not specific. Kids at Lindas school have noted his dour expression and have questioned his position in the Browns household. The inference is that he is some kind of "protection." Heres my question

Have you ever wondered why Charles went in one direction (San Francisco) and the Browns headed for Florida?

I mean, if its important to have a "hired bodyguard" during their stay at Ashlawn, why now are they going in different directions? And one more guestion. Why is DR. Brown sending furniture that belongs to him ....... to San Francisco ?..... when he is obviously moving to Florida? Victoria
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Re: Questions about "Charles" and San Francisco

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Victoria wrote:Have you ever wondered why Charles went in one direction (San Francisco) and the Browns headed for Florida?
What I know: "The Caroline Group" had an office in San Francisco. Under what cover, I do not know. A pizza parlor, maybe.

What I suspect: Charles' "two year tour of duty" with the Browns was completed, and he was re-assigned.
I mean, if its important to have a "hired bodyguard" during their stay at Ashlawn, why now are they going in different directions?
Conjecture: The termination of Dr. Brown's engagement in the Philadelphia area reduced the need for the kind of protection Charles afforded; note also the closer proximity in Florida to the hub of Stephenson's operations.
Why is DR. Brown sending furniture that belongs to him ....... to San Francisco ?..... when he is obviously moving to Florida?
The better question might actually be "how did Dr. Brown know that he would eventually wind up in California?" -- as indeed he does, but not for another two-and-a-half years.

If I ask the questions, do I have to answer them, too?

Paul Schatzkin
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two year hitches

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You make the statement about Charles in Chapter 22

"His two year "tour of duty" with the Browns had turned out to be far more pleasant than Charles had anticipated when he was first directed to "Look over the family"."

Now from my point of view thats sort of interesting, though obviously he spent alot of time with Dr. Brown Paul above states that his orders were to use his expertise to protect the family. Was it Linda and Josephine he actually was protecting?

And that really shows later when he is leaving for San Francisco.

Linda is safely tucked away at Southern Seminary, the Browns have already left the area. Andyet Charles has been instructed to take several important items to SAN FRANCISCO. Which means to me that Dr. Brown ALREADY KNEW that he would be in San Francisco soon.

Paul, can you tell us how long it took Dr. Brown to catch up with the furniture that he had sent off with Charles? Wierd request I know, but its a puzzle, why you would send furniture in one direction and then drive off in another? and actually what I am doing is trying to point out that Dr. Brown KNEW AHEAD OF TIME that the visit to Homestead was going to be temporary. And he knew where he was going after that. Comments ?sometime, whenever Paul? Martin
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Re: two year hitches

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Martin Calloway wrote:Paul, can you tell us how long it took Dr. Brown to catch up with the furniture that he had sent off with Charles?
According to my timeline, Dr. Brown did not get to California until the spring of 1967, at which time he split his time between the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas before hunkering down (one hesitates to say "settled") in the Santa Monica area for about a year. That would take him up to the time described in Chapter 4, "How Many Generals Does It Take."

Does that help?

Paul Schatzkin
aka "The Perfesser"
"At some point we have to deal with the facts, not what we want to believe is true." -- Jack Bauer
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crossing in the ether

Post by Martin Calloway »

Sorry about that Paul. I think that our messages crossed in the ether.

One more question for whenever you get around to it. Once they moved to Florida did another "Charles character" show up? Sounds almost as if these were some sort of version of tag teams. Charles leaves after two years, does someone else pick up for another two years? And before Charles? was there someone? Its just never really been talked about the actual routines of these "security covers" that the Browns seemed to have.

Are we ever going to see a picture of this man. Sounds like he meant alot to the Browns too. Martin
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Couple of points...

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Hi all,

I am new to this entire thing, but find it very interesting. So I have been looking at this site for a week or so now, and have a question and an observation.

1. So who said that what was sent to California was only furniture? Anyone looked into the possibility that what was transported was also research equipment or important records and needed an escort of it’s own?

2. Just curious at this point about the actual dates (years) of Charles assignment. Have a couple of possible ideas about the reason he moved on, but would not make sense to comment on without some research.

Hope I posted this correctly as I don't do the fourm thing very often!

Jim Z.
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good point!

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Jim Z,

First of all. Welcome to the forum! Thankyou for posting!

And the point that you made was a very valid one!

Apparently Charles was sent to California with many things from the Brown household but MAINLY FROM THE LIBRARY. So you may be right entirely that there was some lab projects packed up which Dr. Brown had no intention of taking with him to Florida. Remember he went to Florida only with what they could pack in the green Cadillac convertible. So yes. You are probably right. Anything of great value and interest scientifically would have been shipped elsewhere .... and yes, you are right .... Charles would have been a trusted individual in this procedure.

Paul has already speculated ,probably pretty accurately, that San Francisco was one of the "Caroline Groups" home offices ...... and I think that Morgan was told when he first was offered his "international security agent " position that San Francisco was one of the places. So you are most likely right on that he was being sent to San Francisco as a guard with important material. Good point.

Charles first made is appearance (as far as Linda Brown was concerned) during the early spring of 1962. The family was apparently getting ready to board a ship to Nassau and Linda said that this young man was introduced as a "helper" . She thought just with bags, but it turned out that this fellow stayed with the family the entire time that they were in the Bahamas. Paul will eventually get to all of that but during the years 1962 through her departure for Southern Seminary (fall of 1964) Charles was a constant companion to the family.

And you are right, it doesn't look like he "moved on to another assignment" more that the "assignment" changed in nature.

Looking forward to more of your comments. Thankyou so much! Elizabeth
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Re: Questions about "Charles"

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Hey guys,

Bringing this to the top of the list because I really have nothing much to contribute to the roaring " building discussion" that is going on in the other forums and decided that I would go back to questions of a more basic storyline nature maybe.

It strikes me that Charles Miller is an important cog in this story. As Paul said when you can't describe exactly what the wind is because of its invisibility then you can describe the things that move in response to it. And in this case I would think that Charles is a really good case in point.

According to this old thread, Charles worked a two year stint as bodyguard and apparently he was there for the whole family. ( which means something was happening which prompted this concern. WHAT? What were others that we have been talking about doing at the same time? Mr. Odlum maybe, Mr. Stephenson? Shank, Kitselman? even the two characters mentioned later, Spirito and Puscheck? What was happening in 1962?

We know what Morgan was doing at the time. He was being a rebellious kid. From my notes on his side of the story he had run away from home and was living on the streets or something similar to that. How interesting it is that all of these story lines somehow pull together in just a few years.

So Paul. Are we ever going to see a picture of this Charles Miller? I ask because I have wondered what he looked like and I know that others have asked too.

In reading his personal side of things.... the fact that he kept Lindas senior picture in his apartment in San Francisco speaks volumes for this particular moving leaf. MarkC
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Re: Questions about "Charles"

Post by Linda Brown »


It is sort of a cosmic haha actually that you have brought the subject of Charles Miller up just now and this IS a very old thread. He has been on my mind alot recently.

Someone asked me awhile ago why in the world I didn't throw a snit fit everytime we moved. Especially when I got into my teens and was going through what usually are tension filled times in a family with a teenaged girl. Strangely I can't really remember being upset over a move. Oh, I cried a little leaving North Carolina because the kids were so good to me but generally each move Dad said would be like the turning of a kaliadascope. New colors would appear to replace the old ones and I really enjoyed the adventure of that.

In 1961-62 for example we had been living in a little town outside of Meadville Pa. It was so cold that I couldn't even see straight and suddenly Dad mentioned moving to Nassau.... the Bahamas ... blue water? warm sand? what do you think my reaction was?

But thats where Charles showed up in our lives. Without any sort of explanation. He was cordial but not friendly. I couldn't engage him in any laugh fests. He would play gin rummy with us.... and shared a smoke occasionally with Mother.... far, far, far away from Dad. But with me he kept an emotional distance. He would just wander away and eventually I just gave up. Oddly the fact that he was some sort of bodyguard just never occurred to me. I took him as Dads driver ... lab assistant maybe.

When we moved back up to the Philadelphia area in the late spring of 1962 I can remember complaining over the fact that Charles was still with us. I felt that he was an intrusion into our family. I had decided by now that I didn't like that man very much because he sure wasn't being at all friendly toward me, so why have him around? My mother told me .... " Get over it" No other comment.

But a few days later, oddly.... this dour faced gentleman asked me if I bowled? Me? Well... yes.... and then Charles said that Dad had suggested that we take some time away from the work there at the farm and go bowling.... that he told Charles that he needed the excercise.... so Charles and I took up bowling on a regular basis. I learned alot about Charles then. He HATED to loose. but was a good sport and just once in a while he smiled when he thought that I wasn't looking.And then he started driving the family car when I went on dates .... and of course then there was Morgan but I think he has already told you all what he thought of Charles Miller.

So Paul... if its not too hard. Can we have a picture of Charles posted? One of those "moving leafs" I guess.

And I agree with you. Mark. What was happening in 1962? Linda
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Re: Questions about "Charles"

Post by Rose »

I' was thinking about Charles, recently, too. But now I'm going to be wondering what the hay was in Meadville, PA that brought you there to begin with, Linda?

How old was Charles when you first met him? I imagined him as being young, but he couldn't have been all that young, if
he went from being your bodyguard to being the head of security in the San Francisco office. , I think it was mentioned that Morgan stayed with him while there. I wonder if he liked Morgan better by then (and vice versa!)

I also remember reading on the forum that Charles was asssigned to keep Twigsnapper updated on day to day events in the Brown family when you were on Coronado and that It was he who relayed your dream of Shadetree. But how did he know about it? Was he with you in Coronado, did you tell him directly?

questions, questions, so many questions,
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Re: Questions about "Charles"

Post by Mikado14 »

If there isn't a picture posted somewhere then why I do I see him standing with his arms folded wearing a white? shirt, dark pants and the shot is angled up?

Cripes, there has to have been one posted...if I go again...front porches, dirt roads..



It was B & W. and his hair was dark in the picture and I know that....forget it.
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Re: Questions about "Charles"

Post by Linda Brown »

What we are experiencing here folks is a little trip down a side rabbit hole. Maybe a dead end in the long run but probably a learning experience still.

Rose.... I have never known actually how old Charles was. He had a rough exterior and never announced his birthday. I got the impression from Helen Towt that she and he were close to the same age and thats about the only hint I ever got/ I think that Paul has more information on Helen and her age than I do... but I seem to remember that she was born in 1925 or so, something like that. She was eighteen when she went to Washington .... making her thirty in 1955 ..... 37 in 1962 ? I am guessing here and that feels about right for Charles too. She died in the summer of 1962 ... far too young.

You might note that our dear Mr. Twigsnapper has admitted to being in Helens age group too... though I think thats the most we are going to get out of him! So in the Coronado time frame both he and Charles were about the same age. Mr. Twigsnapper always had English connections I understand and Charles maintained a presence in San Francisco most of the time.

I understand that Charles is buried on the Island of St. Barts, but I haven't visited yet and Helen is buried by herself in a small town in Ohio, according to Lace, our Zanesville authority and good friend, Again strange that she just mentioned that. Odd rabbit hole this.

The year that Dad had his lung removed Charles came over to Catalina Island and spent the whole summer with my parents. My life got busy with my own home and family and business. I got my horse and I remember Charles visiting now and then but somewhere along the line I lost track of what he was doing or where he was. After Dad died I asked Mom if we should invite Charles to the service at his graveside and Mother just said no..... that Charles had died earlier ... she never really explained herself and things were in such an uproar at the time I didn't get back to that sad subject. Years later she would not disclose any information and I knew better than to press her on stuff like that.

Mikado. I don't know of that photogragh but perhaps someone out there recognizes its description and can get it to us? That would be really interesting. Linda
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Re: Questions about "Charles"

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Still thinking about Charles and 1962 for some reason.

I happened to run across something that Paul had written earlier. Chapter 13 I believe. entitled " He made things Up."

I think if you take the time to reread that carefully you might find a hidden crumb. For those of you not familiar with that Chapter Paul takes a moment from his writing and details an experience he had while collecting his research and background study for this book. He had contacted Denison University where Dad had spent some time as a young man and where his contact with Professor Biefeld was first made.

At times it was a disheartening visit. The schools archivist had a purely dim view of my Dads experience there and his character. The name of the chapter " He Made Things Up" pretty much summerizes her distainful view.

And she was cool on the fact that Dr. Biefeld ever even had anything to do with Dad .... there were some records in this file that she had that mentioned how bad a character Dad was.... how someone had reported to the school that he had shown up in Meadville Pa in fancy clothes and driving a fancy black Lincoln. The inference was pretty strong that he was duping poor widows out of their money and then somehow just vanished, leaving bills and bad credit behind.

Then the little piece dropped maybe by mistake? This is a quote from Pauls chapter

"Another letter in the file, an August 2001 EMail from an un named former Dennison University faculty member " is apparently the primary source of Heather Lyles statement that the file " would reveal a detailed history of the various scams he pulled"..... Once again evoking the spectre of UFOs to challenge redulity, this letter describes Browns arrival in Meadville Pa.

"In 1962 or 1963 ( actually it was 1961... linda) to start a company making ozone generators and an electronic levitation system. SUPPOSEDLY FOR USE BY SATELLITES (and purported to be one of the possible systems used by UFOs) He arrived in a shiny black Lincoln equipped with a radio telephone system ( very uncommon in those days, this was before transistors!) He dressed in expensive suits ........ etc, etc, etc.... and so forth."

Did you catch the thing that was dropped? I put it in caps to make it easier. Before this time..... NOTHING had ever been said about satellites AT ALL in connection with my Dad. And not later either! So I consider that bit about the fancy lincoln etc part of the disinformation about my Dads activities but I also consider it very revealing. An "oops" perhaps by the person who sent that EMail. I think that he went just a little too far..... and said perhaps a little too much. Morgan told us to look for the mistakes and I believe that little slip is a telling one.

Read the rest of the Chapter if you can Rose. All the snide remarks about how Dad never had anything to do with Professor Biefeld .... but at the end we located an affadavit from the US Navy.... signed by the man himself. And he said .....after seeing for himself what Dad was doing in his lab in Zanesville.... Dr. Biefeld said that what Dad had discovered was "novel and valuable, leading to probable identification and measurement of forces hitherto not recognized in physical science or astronomy"

Of course that never somehow made the file that the archivist was keeping.
Think 1961 .... Satellites ....... And remember that this falls squarely in the " missing years" from 1958 to 1967. Linda
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Re: Questions about "Charles"

Post by natecull »

Linda Brown wrote: Think 1961 .... Satellites ....... And remember that this falls squarely in the " missing years" from 1958 to 1967. Linda
And in August 1964, Alexander de Seversky 'goes public' to Popular Mechanics with the Ionocraft. Another prairie chicken routine, or part of a 'limited release' strategy? Or completely unrelated?

The CEO of Seversky Electronatom company, at least at some point, is Beebe Bourne of the 'Bourne music publishing family' who at some point is also 'special assistant to the President of the United States'. She died in 2005, age not published but I'm guessing 60s-70s. Most of her awards are for services to music publishing. She had a reputation for being an extremely aggressive enforcer of copyright and was not well liked by her enemies.

A formidable woman, but I'm wondering what credentials Beebe possessed in the 1960s that would qualify her for CEO of an experimental aircraft company based on an entirely untried method of propulsion? And how did she get the ear of a President, and which one?

Possibly she runs Electronatom much later, after they got out of the aircraft business, since sometime between 1946 and 1955 the director is apparently Jack Frye, a much more sensible choice it would seem.

An interesting and potentially relevant conspiracy-related book on possibly called either 'Gold Warriors' or 'Dear Jane', 2005 by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, claims:
Remnants of OSS personnel in France worked for Donovan and Britain’s MI-6 under cover
of a company called Electronatom Corporation. FBI, bureau memo, 4 March 1954. ... ectronatom

Here's another FBI memo:
"On 9/11/52 Bureau Agents interviewed [blacked out] at which time [blacked out] stated [blacked out] was trying to develop an invention which would take smoke out of the air, and in this regard, a corporation had been formed called the Electronatom Corporation with offices at 30 Rockefeller Plaza and laboratory at 7 West 45 Street, NYC. This corporation was being promoted by Gen. William Donovan" (NY Rpt, 9/29/52).
Does that sound familiar? I recall Mr Twigsnapper saying something about a special air conditioning unit for Winston Churchill who liked his cigars...?

Electronatom is doing business at least through 1971, when a wrongful dismissal lawsuit is decided against the company, but damages are not awarded. The suit appears to be cited as precedent several times.

Documents relating to it show up in the correspondence of journalist Eugene Lyons in 1975, but I'm not sure what they are. ... &brand=oac

Lyons seems to have had an interesting background: staunchly Communist until working for Tass in Stalin's USSR in the 1930s, then became a fierce critic of Communism and worked for Radio Free Europe.

Some of the technical claims from the Popular Mechanics article are interesting:
When practical craft are built, their designers expect to have a choice of several power supply systems now under development for NASA's space program. Some of these include:

Gas-turbine generators --- Several firms, notably General Electric and Allis-Chalmers, have come up with compact, light weight, kerosene- fueled turbines, originally intended as power sources for spacecraft. These may be used to generate electricity aboard Ionocraft.

Fuel cells--- These are chemical reactors producing electricity like a storage battery, but drawing their chemicals from external supply tanks. NASA is currently testing fuel cells converting hydrogen and oxygen to electricity, with drinking water as a byproduct.

Solar cells directly convert sunlight to electricity-the present energy source of most satellites. When high-efficiency solar cells are available, they may keep Ionocraft aloft for indefinite periods.

Power From Boiling Mercury ~

Sunflower --- A code name for another project aimed at deriving electric power directly from sunlight. It employs an umbrella-like reflector that focuses the sun's heat to boil mercury, which expands through a turbine and drives an electric generator
(Solar-power supplies would be back-stopped by other kinds of power generators to take over whenever no sunlight is available.).

Microwave radiation --- Concentrated beams of high-frequency radio waves may transfer energy from ground stations to the Ionocraft if the craft is to be used as a hovering platform in a fixed position. Raytheon has pioneered this type of energy transmission through its Amplitron tube and has recaptured as much as 72 percent of the radiated energy at the receiver site. High-power laser beams may be similarly used for transmission.

Experimental hardware has already been produced for each of these off-beat power-supply systems.

None of the men working on the Ionocraft will be pinned down to any production timetable. "It's a pretty wild project," admitted technical director Bruno, a veteran 20 years in the missile business. "But that's what they said when we started working on rockets."
...David Yorysh, one of the project engineers...
The flight patent for the Ionocraft, according to the document up on the Blaze Labs site, was filed in 1959.

Another patent the Ionocraft is apparently based on is this one for an electrostatic air filtration system, which de Seversky, 69 at the time, claimed was his own invention which led to his discovery of EHD as a new means of propulsion.
A wet electrostatic precipitator including at least one annular gas passage defined by concentrically arranged collector tubes have liquid distributors mounted thereabove to produce downwardly-flowing uniform liquid films on the walls of the passage. A discharge electrode structure is disposed in the annular passage, a high voltage being applied between the electrode structure and the liquid films on the collector walls to create an electrostatic field causing ionized particulates in a gaseous stream conveyed upwardly through the passage to migrate toward the films to be carried downwardly thereby for disposal. Incoming contaminated gas at high velocity is fed into a reagent chamber communicating with a Venturi inlet leading to the annular gas passage, the chamber containing one or more manifold rings provided with an array of jet nozzles for spraying a reagent into the chamber and Venturi inlet to intermingle and react with chemical contaminants in the inflowing gas to produce reaction products in particulate form which are precipitable in the passage. The axial positions of the rings within the reaction chamber relative to the Venturi inlet are adjustable in order to optimize the reaction with the gaseous or chemical contaminants in the incoming stream. In addition, a ring of catalytic material may be included in the reaction chamber to enhance the chemical interation.
This filtration system seems to have been later developed for the timber industry, linked to a C. Girard Davidson: ... ectronatom
The Business Interests series includes folders on the Alaska Pacific Lumber Company that
was founded by Davidson in 1957. This was the first modern sawmill and chipping plant in the state,
located in Wrangell, Alaska. He sold the company to the Puget Sound Plywood Company in 1967.
That company, in turn, sold the operation to the Wrangell Lumber Company, a Japanese firm. Other
timber business interests include: Pacific Northern Lumber Company for the construction of the
sawmill in Wrangell, Alaska, 1959; Seversky-Electronatom, a company that developed basic patents,
designs, and concepts for the creation of a commercially feasible device to eliminate particulate and
gaseous emissions caused by incineration and other forms of combustion or Hydro-Precipitrol;
Edit: A Google for 'Hydro-Precipitrol' yields this 1979 patent, assigned to Bethlehem Steel:
calling the general class of devices 'wet electrostatic precipitators', and references
Other References:
Fluid-Ionic Systems, "Hydro-Precipitrol," Attachment 7, HP1, 1/5/76.
Fluid-Ionic Systems, "Hydro-Precipitrol," Wetted Wall Electrostatic Precipitator, 9/1977.
Hydro-Precipitrol, Pollution Engineering, Aug. 1976, p. 55, Press Release, 3/31/1976.
M. Mazer et al., Adaptation of Wet Electrostatic Precipitators for Control of Sinter Plant Windbox Emissions, Presented Jun. 20-24, 1977 at Air Pollution Control Association, Toronto, Canada, pp. 1-16.
Hmm, wonder who Fluid-Ionic Systems are? Is that what Electronatom became?
Oh, here's another reference. 1985
The precipitators that have heretofore been manufactured and sold by the Fluid-Ionic Systems division of the Envirotech Corporation included annular distributor members having tubular overflow nozzles of constructions that are identical to the nozzles 62 depicted in FIG. 4 hereof--that is, each nozzle is comprised of a threaded cylindrical tube having open lower and upper ends, with the upper end including notches adapted to disrupt any meniscus that may tend to form thereat during operation.
Oh hello there!

Hmm, a pretty heavy duty company, they do military hazmat consulting. ... -1327.html ... rsky.shtml
And there is a postscript, of sorts, in the aerospace world. De Seversky’s device and the novelties mentioned above need air to operate, but in space a different form of ionic propulsion has proved valuable. In this method, a beam of atoms, typically of a noble gas, is ionized with electrons, accelerated with a positively charged grid, and ejected through a nozzle. The principle is the same as with a rocket engine ejecting hot gases, but ionized particles can reach much greater velocities because of their high charge-to-weight ratio.

This technology is useful for keeping the microwave antennas of communications satellites pointed toward the earth and their solar panels pointed toward the sun. Adrian Popa, formerly of Hughes Research Laboratories, explains: “The ion engines work well in the vacuum of space because the exhaust beam of ions can reach 100,000 km per hour, so that they use only one-tenth of the amount of fuel that similar chemical thrusters use to provide the required thrust to keep the spacecraft oriented correctly for 15 years.”
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Re: Questions about "Charles"

Post by Linda Brown »

ding, ding, ding, ding

Mr. Twigsnapper, Am I right? Thanks to Nate there is this......

"Remnants of OSS personnel in France worked for Donovan and Britain’s MI-6 under cover
of a company called Electronatom Corporation. FBI, bureau memo, 4 March 1954."

Just the year before Dad went to Paris. And certainly you were active in what was happening then. I know you will bristle at the phrase " remnant" but just remember ..... you will always be my favorite leftover! <g> Linda