Hi I’m Jess

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Hi I’m Jess

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hi Paul, wonder if you do remember who I am? I’m an old friend of Linda’s and we actually did talk with each other on the phone when you are writing the first book. I have become one of the leading experts in the field and actually do have my own forum. On Wikipedia Townsend Brown page when you filled it out you put in the wrong date for his death. I corrected it for you. Don’t feel bad but mistakes do happen.

My knowledge of Townsend Brown goes back a very long way. I first heard of him and his technology in 1971. What I was doing there is still highly classified, but it took me 20 years before I received a copy of a document titled electrogravitics systems. The copy that I was given was one that was found at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base technical library in 1985. It is a shorter version of the full document which I also have. During its time Project blue book put out reports. All of them have been found except for one, report 13, and this was that report. Once I had received this report, I was then able to openly research the technology without violating any laws.

In early 1995 I received a copy of the videotape of the Nellis Air Force Base UFO incident. This was taken on US government tracking cameras and radar. The whole tape was about 6 ½ minutes in length and it only took me a very sharp you trying to be able to identify what I was looking at. Later in that year I did a talk at a conference in San Francisco which was my first time publicly talking about it. I did not even use my last name when I talk there. That in 1996 I gave a talk in Los Angeles, this is where I met Linda, she was in the audience with her daughter, and she spoke up to say that Townsend Brown was the founder a NICAP.

This is factual information, and he started that organization because he was seen in his research what people were witnessing of UFO craft hovering near them. From that conference when the night became good friends and I’ve actually spent time living with her at her home where we talked quite a bit about her father and her mother and what they did during World War II. I have held Townsend Brown’s U.S. Navy lobsters dress uniform saber. I was shown many of the documents some which have never been seen by the public. I have done quite a few appearances at conferences and have done other talks on both videos and on radio as well.

The reason I started my own site was that I am looking for individuals who are capable of learning the truth about this technology and how it works. The propulsion end of it was considered an ashtray development by Townsend Brown. As you may already know he was more into communications than anything else in the device it everyone is playing with, the small triangular lifters, are actually better designed for communications purposes. I can fill you all in on that much better later on. He also came up with a possible new energy source which I feel needs to be investigated properly.
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Re: Hi I’m Jess

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>the device it everyone is playing with, the small triangular lifters, are actually better designed for communications purposes

That's interesting! Thanks to your Google Drive I was rereading the 1957/1962 Electrokinetic Transducer patent (3018394) to help get my head back in the space and I was thinking about how the Lifters were presumably based on this very specific configuration. And wondering if anyone had tried to use a Lifter as a microphone/loudspeaker.

But (among the many things I don't understand) a question I have is: how would you use a loudspeaker for communication? The Ed Hull letter of 1955, so just two years before, talks about electrogravitic radio so both the solid-state and gas modes are obviously running through Townsend's mind as part of one unified concept, but the idea in 1955 is an insulated heavy conductor, like a lead ball, literally replacing the capacitor in an otherwise normal radio circuit. Perhaps I'm not getting the obvious but I'm not sure that air is either high-K or massive, though I suppose it's moderate at both of those and so might have some kind of "gravity" effect?

But thanks so much for joining Paul's forum! I'm very glad to see you here.

Regards, Nate
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