Lines of Communication - Mikado

Greetings and Saluations! Anyone still falling down the Rabbit Hole is welcome here. All the old threads have been "locked" to prevent further posting, but are still available for your perusal. Let's continue the discussion here. Have fun, but be careful with it...
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Re: Lines of Communication - Mikado

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No more?

Since you were so kind and gracious when I joined this forum, I wanted to provide some perspective on your time

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Re: Lines of Communication - Mikado

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To those of you who are new to this forum. A couple of important things for you to know.

In reading the old messages ... you will note a character named "Elizabeth Helen Drake". She came on with such high hopes that both this forum and Pauls book. would bloom into a thriving intellectual masterpiece. Read her words throughout the many pages of this forum... they stand to prove that what I am saying now is true. She cared, and she worked hard to encourage Paul every moment. Even when he was on vacation.... she was there.

For those of you who haven't known before now ...Elizabeth was my Pen Name. I didn't want people to focus on me instead of Paul and his words. Paul also thought that it would be beneficial to the work in general to keep me as his " research assistant". At the time that was fine with me and I generally kept that persona unless I felt that certain people were going beyond casual interest and deserved to know who I actually was.

In January Paul posted something on his [email protected] blog called EPIC FAIL.... which is a rather long post explaining all of his reasons for quitting the story of Townsend Brown.

Its strange that he would not consider that I had spent those six years right alongside of him and at least deserved notification of his plans.

So ... giving him the regard that he failed to give me .... I am telling all of you (and Paul particularly) that I am NOT QUITTING. In fact there will soon be a new website and that I am already writing my own book......

I want to invite those who are interested in continuing the conversations about my father and the life we led together to join me in my new house. Its just a simple Quonset Hut ( and in fact is still under construction at the moment.

Within a few days will have its doors open to continue this ongoing discussion of my life with my family. There at least you will find encouragement and good caring company .

Sad to say it Orion .... but it might be ...unless Paul himself decides to spend some time and attention to this Forum ... you might find yourself in a withered garden.

and whoever is last.... get the light will you? Linda Brown
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Re: Last one here ?

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Hello Everybody !....

Hello ?....Anyone here ?...

<< Looks around through the rooms >>

Hmm... * click *
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Re: Lines of Communication - Mikado

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(a disembodied voice from behind a curtain)

Thank you longboard
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