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Yes, I'm asking you...

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Thank you for clearing that up. I didn't think the tunnel diode was instrumental in the FTM.

Now I also will take a stab and say the tunnel diode is a plasma diode, not solid state. Even though solid state was starting to become prevalent in the late 1950s, tubes were still the king then, especially in high power applications.

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September 22nd, 1942. The Communications Branch of the OSS is formed by General Donovan. An R&D Division was formed about two months later.

Posting for the timeline record. I'm sure that it is entirely coincidental that TTB was turning in his USN resignation right about this time.

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Oh, absolutely Rose. One I am sure has nothing to do with the other. NOT. Good post. Thanks for that! MarkC
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Simply stated, the universe we live in is not expanding at all but is a closed space, possibly elliptical or egg-shaped cavity, possibly a cave with an opening with a reflective surface. We live in a very large mirrored room. We are about one million light-years from the nearest wall and around eight million light-years from the far wall which is in the general direction of the Virgo Cluster. There could be fewer than a hundred real galaxies, all the rest are reflected images of those real ones.
A while back I read this on this thread.
I got to thinking about this open Universe verses closed universe deal.....
I found this: ... ntropy.htm
A closed universe.......
Now that throws a monkey wrench into Newton's calculus dosen't it?
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Mystical Baggage

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A lady told me a story that was told to her by a man. They were on a beach or it might have even been a desert but there was sand everywhere. He took one grain of sand and held it out in the palm of his hand and asked her what she saw, her response was "a grain of sand". He responded by saying, "look again" and she replied, "nothing". He said, "your right, nothing and everything. There is more in that grain than you can see but everything starts out that small, when you pick up the grain of sand from the beach, it is a grain of sand but when you put it back down it becomes a part of the whole, everything is connected. Take this back to him. Also, one grain of sand can be an obstacle when out of place so you have to be careful, take this to her with the dog named after him."

The man had no face.

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