Putting the thread through the needle

It has been suggested that these forums constitute a 'living, breathing, collective consciousness' that embodies the mysteries of Townsend Brown's life. This forum provieds a space where we can try to identify all the unifying themes and make all the necessary connections among widely divergent elements that comprise the Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown.
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Putting the thread through the needle

Post by Trickfox »

Hello Everyone

Thank you Paul for bringing up the most important notion in this forum. Elizabeth and Victoria and others have all spoken of this mysterious golden thread. At first, I just looked at it like another mystical part of this forum excursion that thousand of people have no doubt tried to bring into focus as empirical evidence of an "unnatural" or mystical aspect of the philosophy we call the "ABSTRACT".

Most people will be asking themselves "What is this Golden Thread" issue?

As you read this thread, you will understand that some long time forum members have discovered something special about reality. This is not something which can be decribed in a few paragraphs and those of you who are new to our forum may decide to profit from the use of the search feature which will be of extreme value for anyone who wishes to sharpen their wits and then put forth their own contributions.

So.... Try searching "Golden Thread" if you need to get an idea of what we have been talking about for a couple of years.

Many out there visit, but they hesitate to comment........

Please, don't be shy.....

Tell us what you think of all this.

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Re: Putting the thread through the needle

Post by Paul S. »

Trickfox has absolutely got the right idea here.

If you think you've got an idea for a "Golden Tread" that we should discuss, then create a "new topic" in this forum. If it sounds like one of those themes we really need to run up the flagpole, I'll approve the post, and the discussion can ensue.

In the meantime, let's use this thread that Trickfox has started to just discuss the idea of "Golden Treads" in this story and how they can best be identified and discussed.

This should be very interesting....

Paul Schatzkin
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