Did Brown believe in UFO's

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Did Brown believe in UFO's

Postby Bolland » Sun Apr 11, 2004 6:26 pm

Townsend Brown felt, on one hand, that UFO's must have a physical embodiment to some degree, as he felt he was able to duplicate in his laboratory and theory some of the propulsion effects normally associated with some UFO reports.

On the other hand, he believed that the UFO phenomenon was extremely complicated and went beyond most human conceptions. In a story he once told to his family, he made an analogy between a fish looking up at the bottom of a passing ship. "That fish looks up at that strange thing in his sky. It may have different properties, maybe size, prop wash or turbulence. Some fish will scatter and never look again, some fish will wonder, but none of them will really know what that form represents. They will never know about what other things man is capable of other than sailing across that particular part of the ocean. We in many ways are those fish, and the lights we see in our skies are the hulls of those ships."

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