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Gravitycontrol Radio

Postby Jim » Wed Dec 13, 2006 3:49 pm

Hi All

When I say gravitycontrol radio I mean, making programs on the subject.

David, Steve in the Okanagan and I have purchased usb headsets and have downloaded the Gizmo Project
It's similar to Skype but we chose gizmo because they support PC, Mac and Linux and have a built in 128kwav recorder.

Our thought is to use the conference feature on Gizmo and create live forum type programs. Now the downside. We are unable to use the conference feature because none of us has good enough bandwidth. However, so far we can talk successfully on a one to one basis, more satisfactory with Steve and I because I have adsl and Steve has cable but David has a dialup. My handle is gravityc1, David is gravityb2 and Steve is just gravityman so if anyone is interested, those handles are taken.

We find it immensely useful to talk one on one but since we can't use the conference line it got us started on electrogravitic communication. If we could achieve that then we can start doing our fun little radio programs and real gravity radio would be the answer.
The simpler answer for now of course is to just get better bandwidth but that's something that doesn't come easy although I hear they have wifi now on this island that offers true wireless broadband up to 10Mbs, Steve can get adsl and David can get use of broadband at his son's house five minutes away where they have a better connection availability.

But for now I just mention this to see if there's any interest. Gizmo is a free download and the only actual cost is the usb headset.

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