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french connection

PostPosted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 3:16 pm
by Elizabeth Helen Drake
And thankyou Trickfox for being our "French Connection" ...... I believe that there will be much more coming in our direction and we would have missed it without you! We APPRECIATE AND VALUE your input very much. Elizabeth

Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:47 am
by htmagic
Mr. Trickfox,

Thank you indeed. And Mr. Twigsnapper that pointed the hounds in the right direction.
Now that I'm checked in the Quantum Hotel, I'd like to comment on the material I saw within these confines.

OK, I read this: wrote:What is needed to make sense of it all is "random associative symbolic processing" to seek beautiful and naturally compex systems we call FRACTALS. (it's just a type of supercomputer program)
We use this program to develop a clear picture of the singularity of a concept in reality.

Now I know what fractals are and Fred had a great link on that. But what is "random associative symbolic processing". Huh? wrote:We will introduce concepts previously talked about called "Reverse Entropy" this pertains to a violation of the second law of Thermodynamics.
the Entropy/Enthalpy concept. :idea:

Now THAT I do understand. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that things wear down, steel rusts, things break, etc. We get old and wear out as a result of the 2nd Law! Now entropy is the measure of the degree of randomness and goes from a more ordered state to a more chaotic one. But reverse entropy CAN and DOES exist! (I bet even Mr. Trickfox would be surprised and say, What?). But it does every time crystallization occurs.
( Beat you to the highlights, AM! <g>)

Now we have discussed that the aether can be a crystalline lattice. So as it crystallizes into matter, entropy could be reversed. Now as for this, wrote:Now let's go back to "reverse entropy" and the violation of the second law.
Is it possible that LIFE draws it's energy from the existence of death?
After all, acording to some very well educated individuals, Life energy gets it's power from "outside the system".

As for drawing energy from death, I'm not sure about that. Scientists have measured a small decrease in weight upon death. I don't remember where I learned that but it's been awhile. Now when crystallization occurs, heat is extracted from the environment and can make the surroundings colder. So death may not necessarily have to supply this energy upon crystallization. Many of the "overunity" devices are reported to get cold and I believe are actually extracting energy from the surroundings. Somehow that device can use low grade heat or extract energy from the environment and lowering the temperature.

Now Paul posted this link. wrote:In parallel to the experimental evaluation of their conjecture, Tajmar and de Matos also looked for a more refined theoretical model of the Gravitomagnetic London Moment. They took their inspiration from superconductivity. The electromagnetic properties of superconductors are explained in quantum theory by assuming that force-carrying particles, known as photons, gain mass. By allowing force-carrying gravitational particles, known as the gravitons, to become heavier, they found that the unexpectedly large gravitomagnetic force could be modelled.


Now looking at the image, the superconducting ring is rotating over 6500 rpm and it is also moving forward so there is a rotary motion and a linear motion. So just as a moving electrical charge creates a magnetic field, so a moving mass generates a gravitomagnetic field. And photons, commonly known as light, gain mass. So as light has a spectrum, gravity has one as well, since light is an electromagnetic effect.

So if you can "freeze" or crystallize the light, it will gain in mass. So can one create matter from light?

In the beginning was the "I Am" and the "I Am" was (and still is) Light. And the Cosmic Consciousness that Dr. Brown talked about is the same Light but manifested through rocks and all things which are CONNECTED. So that is why this could be construed by some as Mystical BS but I think that is how I understand it.

Enough musings for tonight...


Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:40 am
by Trickfox
Random Associative Symbolic Processing (RASP) was invented by a man name Mike Riconosciuto "code named Bald Eagle" (a member of william Moore's Aviary).
See: viewtopic.php?p=16649#p16649 for historial perspective (look for Lavos)

RASP is a computer crunching program for a custom modified set of DEC VAX 11780 processors (which was in place in 1982) The twin vaxes were set to crunch out a very special spread sheet, and the output from one computer was fed into a laser by way of a Brewster modulation window. The lasers from the second computer was also modulated by another brewster window, then the two beams were collided at orthogonal angles. The rest is a bit more complicated but involves high voltages and the BB effect. This whole deal was a set up to explore Hilbert space for a crumb trail...... Remember Ong's hat? This was a bit like that.
I'm not sure I understand all the details because I figured this technology out later after the Bald Eagle was put in a cage. :(
Water under the bridge......

Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:33 am
by arc
Trickfox, HT, Elizabeth

The methodology of modulating laser beams has also arisen with the quantum transfer of information between remote sites. When a beam was modulated in one site with a data stream, the twin beam in another site physically distant from the first responded by altering its output to mirror the first beams actions... spooky ... but very very interesting when you consider the "teleportation" angle.

Symbolic processing is also part of Artificial Intelligence/Synthetic Logic. The ability to create symbolic links between knowledge elements is vital to processing "language" and "concepts", The advent of fast computers and networks has really helped with this field, we can now play with many nodes as if they were just one big computer, distributed processing for AI


Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:05 am
by kevin.b
I bin finking,
Thinking of mirrors facing each other , and arranged in spiral fashion, I have been trying to think myself along the route, how Alice would become small, as the spiral tightens, then turn around and grow large as the spiral unwounds, the tricky bit is when you meet a crossing point of many spirals, does alice go along all the available routes?

Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:26 pm
by amalie
Dear Kevin ,

Spiral light DNA is here ,

Alice is pretty quantum now.


Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:47 pm
by kevin.b
There is something Scrummy about You, cuddly and likeable, sorry if that sounds silly, but I just formulate the feelings that peoples post have upon me.
I have to admit that EHD is the Queen of my heart, and the lady knows who She is.
Given the chance, a hotel room would be booked, by Me, but thats just in my quantum dreams.

Back to your link, cheers, spot on, and is exactly how i was finking, besides dreaming.
In all directions at once, light is transmitted, but it only escapes as it meets a counter wave, similer to how waves release foam as they crash back from the shore, the bubbles of the foam, are in my strange world, the bubbles of light that are released locally around each sphere, and dependant upon the tidal flow, and the gradient of the shore are calcuable by both of those, funny world this quantun place, back to my dreams for me, all things are possible.

Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:39 pm
by skyfish

Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:04 pm
by kevin.b
"What modifies Time?"
The tide modifies Time, if a local tide occurs, the time locally alters.

risk taking

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:20 pm
by Mikado14
Mr. skyfish,

I see you are still with us and have not fallen off the edge of the world, you know it is flat....

Any who, your second link, my Mother used to refer to me as always rushing in where angels fear to tread. I used to say, "Well Mom, somebody has to lead the way!" I think she said something about ending up someplace but I think it best not to remember..<g>

time dilation - I can see it.


Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:17 am
by skyfish
Yes Kevin, a tide.
A tide as opposed to a surface wave.

As I have said in the past, I am an IT guy. I see this stuff in terms of relationships and visual imagery.
Someone once said:
"Don't worry about your math, mine is much worse"
Who was that?

In regards to our earlier "conversation":
The answer I keep seeing is infinite...well not exactly.
It is the total amount of energy available in all of space and time.
Maybe a high-energy cuttof is desireable as described below.

In recent decades, however, this antiquated understanding of renormalization has given way to the modern idea of effective field theory. All quantum field theories come with some high-energy cutoff, beyond which we do not expect that the theory provides a good description of nature. The "infinities" then become large but finite quantities proportional to this finite cutoff scale, and correspond to processes that involve very high energies near the fundamental cutoff. These quantities can then be absorbed into an infinite collection of coupling constants, and at energies well below the fundamental cutoff of the theory, to any desired precision; only a finite number of these coupling constants need to be measured in order to make legitimate quantum-mechanical predictions

Now the reason I say all the energy in all of space and time is this:
The superluminal quality of the aether. The dimension of time is accessable from any point in space at once.
I see a singularity.
Crazy geometry.

I keep coming back to this:

Starting with the 1994 paper in the Physical Review Inertia as a zero-point field reaction force, Bernard Haisch and Alfonso Rueda, sometimes joined by Harold E. Puthoff, have championed the notion that the inertia of a massive object may arise via an electromagnetic reaction force via interaction with the zero point field. This builds upon a much earlier proposal by Walther Nernst. In their non-technical papers Haisch and Rueda speculated that someday control of inertia might be possible.

Infinite amount of energy:

The zero point field can be thought of, roughly speaking, as a superposition of electromagnetic waves with random phases and directions, with a power distribution proportional to the cube of frequency. This spectrum diverges, implying that there is an infinite amount of energy at every point in space (as does conventional QM for different reasons). A cutoff frequency on the order of the reciprocal of the Planck time is often introduced in principle. Planck's constant then appears as a scale factor for quantum fluctuations in the zero point field.

The universe is created by the dreams of brahman, creating the universe anew each the rate of 1 planck constant. When one can realize that moment, then eternity can be accessed.

I always try to treat people with dignity and respect. In our personal relationships this is applicable. I would not interact with anybody on this forum in a way I would not behave in person. thing that has become VERY clear to me in the last few days. It is not just the "science" of this that is important. Because we are linked to this medium by consciousness, we cannot ignore the implications. This medium is not accessed by energies derived from the ego. Our intentions must be in the purest form possible.
No greed.
No deception.
Good can only come from good.

I see clearly that it is not the science of Dr. Brown that is the most important aspect of this. It is the nature of the man.


Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:16 am
by arc
What modifies time?
Good question, Taking the world outside you window right now, it is the "normal" world (if there is such a thing) to me this says if you alter the base characteristics of the "structure" or "density" or "native characteristic" then you must also affect the properties of reality.
If you add energy to the system surely you must alter the flow of all characteristics (imho) if you take energy away surely you must also alter the characteristics most likely in the reverse manner. Im am just not yet sure if this definitely includes "time" as one of the base characteristics?. This is why I also think that the traditional concept of planets and stars creating a dent in the rubber sheet of space is "WRONG". we know its an analogy but to me its down a dead end path, I think the universe is anisotropic, different densities that cause the things we observe like the bending of light rays past large objects, sort of like having 4 or 5 different densities of oils in one tall jar and let it sit on your window sill till they settle, then have a look through the jar... warped images and bent light rays.

I have a hunch that at the quantum level time will be able to be "displaced" as a defined quantity, so FTL will be a "prolonged jump" and then hey presto your there. It's either on the other side of the atom or hovering somewhere inside it which seems to be more and more likely as the concept of warping the surrounding environment is to me more likely than not. We have seen this in the two atomic clocks that were used to measure any time difference (one on the ground one went on a trip in an aeroplane) between the two when the "state" of one was influenced by hurling it through the cosmos by brute force and hence "adding energy".

Your statement about alice and the mirrors, I dont think she actually needs to get smaller, her perspective just needs to alter and everything around her will seem "different", an -altered perspective image-

This zpf thing has been bugging me for a few years, the thing about magnets and poles and repulsion and attraction just cries out that there is a INDY 500 RABBIT HOLE sitting right behind that door and if you open it, Make sure you have your back staright, your seat tray up and locked, your body straps firm and locked, your oxygen mask inplace and turned on.

I like this quote from above
The electromagnetic properties of superconductors are explained in quantum theory by ASSUMING that force-carrying particles, known as PHOTONS, GAIN MASS. By allowing force-carrying gravitational particles, known as the gravitons, to become heavier, they found that the unexpectedly large gravitomagnetic force could be modelled.

You just gotta love that word assume ( I remember a teacher once said to assume is to make an ASS of U and ME)


Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:20 am
by skyfish
Does anybody remember this gem:

While Adams confronts Morbius, Ostrow sneaks in and uses the educator. Before he dies from its effects, he gasps out his revelation: the vast machine was designed to let the Krell materialize anything they wanted at a mere thought. "But the Krell forgot one thing! Monsters, John! Monsters from the id!" Though the Krell considered themselves civilized, their subconscious minds were unleashed to act out their darkest urges, resulting in their destruction.

Yes, purity. Sanctity.

It sure is a classic. The original star trek.
Reminds me of Karma.

A friend once tole me that his karma ran over his dogma.... : )

Here is a bit of occult info:
When one can realize the moment of creation, becomes at one with that brief flash of creation and recognize his own intermeshing
with the process, then he can become a part of the act of creation. This level of consciousness is not the thought process, the internal dialogue.
All thought is in the past and dead. As soon as you start thinking about it, you are not in that moment. Death of the ego is necessary to
attain this state, because the ego, the thought process and internal dialogue are creations of the material/organic machinery that we have to interact with the material world.
It is like lightning.


Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:41 am
by skyfish


From :
Stochastic Electrodynamics

Planck's constant then appears as a scale factor for quantum fluctuations in the zero point field.

That is exactly what the fuzzy gravity article describes!

Fluctuations in the zpf, aether at the scale of 1 planck constant!

Scale factor...scale......

According to Haisch and Rueda, inertia arises as an electromagnetic drag force on accelerating particles, produced by interaction with the zero-point field

Hmmm...produced by interact with the zpf. Gravity...zpf resistence. Coupled with em.

This looks like an excellent model for Dr. Brown's results and a good direction to look in for an explanation for fuzzy gravity.


Re: "Quantum Hotel"

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:45 am
by skyfish
fuzzy gravity as a measure of scale zpf energy?

Plancks constant....

Maybe this will end up being the value of the cosmological constant?