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Please Set Your Own Time Stamps

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:31 pm
by adminman
I have now determined that it is best if everybody sets the time stamp in their own profile for their own time zone. That way, when you see the time a post was made to the forums, it reflects the time in your time zone: no mental math is required to determine the time stamp.

However, in order to do make that work right, I've had to go back and reset the system time back to GMT.

Now each user has to set the GMT adjustment in their own profile. In order to do that, click "profile" above, and then scroll down to where it says "timezone," and adjust according to where you live:

Eastern = GMT -5
Central = GMT -6
Mountain = GMT -7
Pacific = GMT -8

etc. etc.

OK, does this make sense now?