"rediscovering fine work"

For a discussion of the science of Townsend Brown, his experiments and his ideas.
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"rediscovering fine work"

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I had to mention Hannes Alfven again.

I know we talked about his work much earlier but his story is a CLASSIC example here about what your new posts have been talking about. "New" technology being "found" and then someone with some memory of the past ... (which is decidedly rare, believe me, pipes up from the back of the room .... Sir, didn't **** mention that 60 years ago?" and everybody goes "Whose ******?")

Folks, read up on Hannes Alfven. He was a maverick of the system. Got his results by being blindingly intuitive (just as Townsend Brown) and because of that was years and years ahead of his associates. No one would even publish his findings and he had to publish under pen names ... in VERY obscure journals. Later when other scientists "discovered" plasma physics they were mortified that they in fact were not first ... in fact their entire base had been built by this genius years before them and they never even slowed up to realize it. Its a fascinating story. Read up on him.. History is repeating itself with Townsend Brown. Victoria
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Thanks for this reference, I hadn't known about Hannes, but was glad to learn about him because I have come to believe that the state of energetic matter called plasma, its behaviors, attributes and effects are one of the major subjects being suppressed through active sins of omission and de-emphasis in our contemporary, mainstream lives.