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PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2006 12:28 pm
by Elizabeth Helen Drake
Paul and everybody,

I have a special friend who is amazingly perceptive. She can't always explain sometimes how she gets from point A to point B in her logic, but she is right more often than not and the people who work with her value her insight and input and I am one of them.

She told me a few days ago that sometimes words reach out and nearly "ring" with importance when whe runs across them and though she may not understand at that exact moment, she has learned to pay attention to that "SPECIAL WORD" feeling .... and always to pay attention to the word that has caused that reaction,. For her ..... the word CONSORTIUM has that kind of reaction recently (and for a long time actually .... thats sort of "her" word. )

Now I know that its difficult to explain but after our talk I had that word in my head . Then our new forum contributor (gregg) mentioned a man named Beckwith..... and when I noted that Mr. Beckwith was based in Florida ...... I remember a statement that I had recently read. It was part of an interview that Paul had with Mr. Lee, the gentleman who worked with Dr. Brown in the seventies and who developed the "ionic Breeze" fan and presented it to "Sharper Image'

This is turning into a long story, sorry, bear with me.

Following strictly a "hunch" I looked up that interview (THE PATERNITY OF THE IONIC BREEZE PART TWO) and this is exactly what was said:

Paul: I was rather surprised at the next thing Mr. Lee said, though, of course, I should not have been surprised at all , for the incident he describes is entirely consistent with other excerpts from Townsend Browns career: JL : "He wrote up a report and went to Washington and came back from Washington and the most unusual thing happened. The project was completely killed. He just closed up the doors and said "theres nothing here...." It was just a complete mystery to all of us. We were all getting pretty excited about what he was doing"

PS: The petro-voltaic project?

JL: Right. AFTER HIS TRIP TO WASHINGTON, AND CONSULTING A CONSORTIUM OF SCIENTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD DOWN IN FLORIDA he came back from that trip and closed up shop saying "no, theres nothing here, we cant do this any more." It was very mysterious."

And theres that word CONSORTIUM ...... and so now I wonder ..... after Paul has mentioned Eldridge Johnson in the thirties and the continuing attention of William Stephenson in the sixties .... Now its the seventies ..... and there is a "consortium of scientists from around the world ..... meeting in Florida?"

So I figure , maybe its a fingerprint of the "Caroline Group" in operation. And maybe its worth opening a single post where we can collect information on anything that might fit this topic. Thanks for listening ! Elizabeth

sitting on the side

PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2006 5:13 pm
by Annemarie

I have been sitting on the side. I figured all of you were doing such a wonderful job of going after all of this information, and asking questions that I had in my head that maybe I didn't have to do anything but read. But I guess I have to say something. Thankyou for inviting me Elizabeth ...I know that it was a blanket invitation and so it was meant for others too. I'm finally going to jump in your pool. Hope I can be an asset.

I have found all of the information coming out about Townsend Brown astounding. But maybe I shouldn't. This is the time where we will all be learning about history left behind, history poorly written, history diverted. And that, when you add it to the story of interesting individuals. Well ......... it all becomes somehow more HUMAN and not just dry facts off of pages.

Personally, I am not a scientist. One of your other posts mentions that he is not interested either in the scientific side of all of this (though, that has to be fascinating too, if we could all understand it.) What pulls at me is the emotion involved in getting caught up in all these forces. So I can't wait to see what comes next.

One question. If a person were to "buy into" the concept that there might be a "Caroline Group" out there. How old do you think it really is Elizabeth? I recognize that this "consortium" has been called the "Caroline Group" in honor of the experience Dr. Brown had on that magnificent ship... but do you have any idea if THEY considered themselves by a certain name?

And forgetting what they might have called themselves. Who would be the members? All men? Sort of a Knights Templar type arrangement? But I don't get the feel that this is a mens private club, not with Twigsnappers call to "Remember the women" . So thats my first couple of questions.

One of the best ways to investigate an operation is through the money they make and the money that they spend. So how would a "consortium" like this finance itself. It can't surely be all voluntary. And how would they maintain such absulote secrecy?" Follow the money" is the old saying.

I will probably be one of your "weekend warriors" on the forum. Please keep up the outstanding work Paul.

And Elizabeth, I know what it is to go from point A to point B without knowing how. You may get some messages from me later that will have to take that into account. If I had to explain myself every single time, I'd never get anything done! Annemarie

Had a close fit, myself - here's the long-story version ;-)

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 2:56 pm
by jbm
I was casting a wildcard net in search of info regarding Paul's pic of TTB standing in front of some ambiguous 1950's era radio tower. This turned up a reference to "Aspidistra"("Aspi" for short), which was the code name for a massive radio transmitter in King's Standing, East Sussex, equipped with a very, very powerful transmitter. This RCA-built transmitter (codenamed for a popular song of the day - and forming a naughty anatomical pun) operated at 500,000 watts, far exceeding the FCC "ceiling" of 50,000 watts (which limit is still in place, in the US). Unusable, then, in America - the unit was consequently purchased by the Brits, who used it's huge wattage (expanded by them to a whopping 600kW) to broadcast propoganda into Germany across various middle-band frequencies. The programming schedule masqueraded as actual Nazi-produced content, but with cleverly subtle differences intended to confuse and disinform the radio-listening German population. All of this was a way-cool wartime hack - and makes for fascinating browsing! Incidentally, the thee antennae for the Aspi were designed for the Political Warfare Executive (PWE) - the outfit in charge, who came from the same complex that included GCHQ - by an American expert named GH Brown. One of three ships carrying the 360-foot masts (as Brits call antennae) was sunk by a German torpedo en route, but a replacement was soon sent - and the spoof station started sending all sorts of bogus info into enemy airwaves. Here's a bit of snipped history:

The importance of the broadcasts from 'Aspidistra' lies with the fact that the German population actually believed they were real German radio stations. The broadcasts included anti-allied propaganda and comments against the Royal Family. 'Bigband' music and Jazz were broadcast in the knowledge that German public were not able to listen freely to this type of decadent music. This was to get them 'hooked' on the station, which became very popular.

'Aspidistra' was able to reach deep into Germany and various tests were made to verify this. When a number of messages were sent asking people in various towns to donate warm clothing for soldiers fighting in cold areas, numerous people actually turned up with clothing, much to the surprise of the local commanders!

As an example of other 'tricks' that Delmer and 'Aspidistra' could get up to, consider what might happen if a bombing raid on Hamburg were planned. Some hours before the raid 'Aspidistra' would be moved in frequency to that the main Hamburg radio station - 908kHz (only 'Aspidistra' was this agile!). It would be tuned up on this frequency but would not radiate, as the rf drive would not be applied. The programme from Hamburg would be monitored at Milton Bryan. At the same time the same programme would be transmitted on another frequency from, say, Frankfurt and would also be monitored at Milton Bryan.

As it became obvious that the RAF was heading for Hamburg, the Hamburg station would go off the air, so as not to be used for navigation by the incoming bombers. Within about eight milliseconds of Hamburg dropping carrier 'Aspidistra''s drive would come up and she would be on the air relaying the programme received at Milton Bryan from Frankfurt. All the interruption in programme that the locals in Hamburg would hear would be a slight 'click'! The 'Hamburg' programme was now under Delmer's control and all sorts of bogus information could be provided to cause panic and distress to the inhabitants under attack.

By the end of the war, 'Aspidistra' had been used on ten operations of this type during attacks on cities such as Cologne, Frankfurt and Leipzig. According to captured reports, these hoax transmissions were very successful.

And there were many other radio tricks played by these amazingly clever wireless spooks!

Researching the beautiful art-deco construction of Aspidistra in search of any architectural features which matched those in Paul's TTB picture, I learned a bit about "black radio", which then segued me into offshore British radio, transmitters, ships and such (some equipment for which came directly from the PWE-type psych-ops war effort). This then led to my browsing the history of the radio network known (familiarly enough, to the British - but not to me), as "Radio Caroline"!

I was just sure this had to be linked to the topics we discuss hereabouts - I mean, ship-based, high-frequency radio waves with a then-recent history of having been used in British intelligence??? But - alas - the official origins of "Radio Caroline" are attributed to the founding father of un-official British radio - Ronan O'Rahilly, who dubbed his ship-based pirate station "Caroline" after viewing a picture of JFK's daughter playing on the floor of the oval office, "...disrupting the serious business of government..."

So...there was absolutely no linkage at all between high-voltage naval platforms, hot & cold wartime intelligence operations, and TT Brown wearing a Wild Ones jacket while posing in front of a modestly-sized 1950's era radio mast...right?


Just goes to show ya...everything can be connected - sometimes orthogonally! Even the alphabet seems to be in that particular order only by some mysterious (and arbitrary) coinkydink. I think our file drawers would make alot more sense if we used the RSTNLE, etc method (like on that Vanna and Pat game show), putting the fattest folders to the front, at least! Oh well, there's another idea of mine that'll never catch on...


Well now.

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 3:39 pm
by Paul S.

Wow. That's some nice work there.

At the moment, I am still in my "please remain in your seats until the plane has come to a complete stop at the end runway..." phase of my re-entry here.

And, clearly, based on just what little I've read here so far this morning, the bags in the overhead compartment have shifted some during the flight.

All I can say for the moment is.... really nice work there. We'll have to make a date to meet at a Dairy Queen somewhere.



spectacular information

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 4:27 pm
by grinder
jbm .... spectacular information! Thank you so much for finding that! People will listen, honest. More comments as soon as I have had a chance to digest all of this good stuff. grinder

On the other hand ......

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 7:11 pm
by twigsnapper
jbm: An excellent observation. More than excellent. On the other hand, there are other fingers .......

Lets see .... add to those situations ....Pushing for that sites development was a man whose name was Godfrey (Rear Admiral John Godfrey, Director of Naval Intelligence at the time)... pivot just slightly to your right and you will rub elbows with William Stephenson .... turn slightly again and you will rub up against an outfit that had ties to RCA ...... and was busy setting up Camp X also in Canada ...... note that it was a crew of Canadians that dug the holes for the bunkers at that named site (for all the beer they could handle, which cost the government a pretty penny, I might add)

and then you have, as one whimsical poster mentioned ..... you have the sweet natured brilliant fellow named Townsend Brown ..... just looking for his decoder ring!


following the money

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 8:40 pm
by Annemarie
jbm ..... such an insight!

And the immediate thing that comes into my mind for these towers .... who paid for the equipment. The units from RCA, for example. I don't think that they were donated, knowing something about RCA at the time, they were not into charity work. Paul probably knows all about that.

So who paid for all that stuff and how was the money transferred.

Who had the kind of money that it would take to do something so secret without having to answer to anybody? ANNEMARIE

absolutely follow the money

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 11:49 pm
by Mark Culpepper
Absolutely right Annemarie. Follow the money.

The kind of operation that funded the group that my Dad was part of, that paid for the training, (that paid for the armament, including that special knife. )I read up a little on that . That knife wasn't a normal issue for soldiers at that time. The English army didn't supply a knife like that. Those knives were specially made, only 300 of them at first .... And I am honored to have one of them and I'll just bet my bottom dollar that the reason that Mr. Twigsnapper mentioned the knife is that he has one too. Of the original 300. Answer to that Mr. Twigsnapper? Am I right?

See, it doesn't make sense. Where did the money come from? Those special teams were under somebodys control. but whose? They were teams of three .... different nationalities. So who was the boss nationality?

I just have a feeling that I am covering ground that Paul already knows about so please stop me if I get somewhere that you don't want revealed yet Paul

.... but .... Damn, this is fun. I thought I KNEW World War ll history. I'm a teacher for Petes sake, I thought I knew what I needed to know. Now I find I am sitting in the middle of a hole. The depths of my ignorance!

I am going way out on a limb here because I haven't read enough yet to get a clear view, but seeing what Paul wrote about William Stephenson. I'll just bet that he himself was involved. I read somewhere that he was an excellent boxer and I wondered Mr. Twigsnapper if you can confirm that? A man like that would know how to set up training camps and he would also know that you couldn't play by any rules, that the enemy wasn't going to and you shouldn't either. How did that play with the British uppercrust I wonder. But wait..... Stephenson was a Canadian so maybe he didn't have to play by those "old boys club " rules. HUH? Mark C.

coming up again

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 7:03 pm
by Elizabeth Helen Drake
This post I am bringing up again for the newer folks here. Radomir I am thinking of you particularly because I know that you are making a concentrated effort to cover as much ground as you can so that you can form your own particular questions. Since I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to seeing the questions that you will generate, here is some extra fuel for your flame.

And not directing my aim at anyone in particular, but to EVERYBODY WITH YOUR FINGERS HOOVERING OVER THE KEYBOARD Please, please, if you haven't spoken up yet please join us! It might get confusing and frustrating but I assure you ...... it will not be boring!

I note with great sadness that this material was first mentioned in May of last year .......... Nearly Nine months ago. Crap. A person could have a kid in that amount of time! Elizabeth

Universal laughter

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 7:41 pm
by grinder
Wasn't that a quote from Jimmy Buffett. He could hear "Universal laughter out among the stars". something like that, I might be off a little.

Going back to JBMs remarks (Hey, you still out there. You got your ears on. good buddy?) His post entered on May eight was a friggin masterpiece. But what discussion ensued from it ............. Nothing ..... NADA ....... not even a blink.

Giving Paul credit he did step forward and offer the Dairy Queen Prize. And alot of admiration! Me Too!

But maybe it wasn't the right time THEN. BUT NOW IT IS. So lets get back into this.
How do I know the time is right? Look at the cosmic Haha ..... A Mr. Ronan ORahilly????? OH REALLY? The mental picture of little Caroline Kennedy under the desk of the President of the United States. So close .... so important ... un noticed ... but still capable of tweaking the business done .. grinder

WOW I nearly missed this pool altogether

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 8:48 pm
by Trickfox
Boy this forum is getting very full of all kinds of stuff and if you don't pay attention you never get to see some of these magic things that were said way back months ago. I Agree with Grinder. -JBM Where are you? this post was GREAT. Reminds me of my old studies in psyops. Thank you Grinder and Elizabeth for bringing this up. It sure becomes pertinent to see these post at this time for me personally, and I'm sure Elizabeth will also understand why.

Speaking of which, Grinder...You have been around for a year or so and we have never had a chance to greet each other. I'm wondering if you actually made it to see Paul's speech in Las Vegas. There were so many people there that I could have totally missed you easilly.
Your input allways comes in in strategic times when it's needed yet we never go a chance to chat about you and your interests. Just letting you know that I care.

With respects to the subject mater of this section.

A Consortium indeed
A loosely knit agenda for the benefit of it's participants.
A affiliation by verbal contract over idealism
A chance to seperate the US from the THEM
Yess indeed, HOW DO YOU DECIDE.
Which way will you go?

missed Vegas

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 9:03 pm
by grinder

Sadly, I missed Vegas because I was having to work. I had friends though who attended and ,of course, I have the CD.

I missed spotting your sneakers . But then, I take that as a sign of your individuality. You would have surprised me if it had been otherwise! I understand there were others who spotted your red poppy and appreciated the thought.

Perhaps I can make the next Conference. But am only really interested in what Paul has to say so I guess it will be up to him? So much mental energy flashing in this forum it could light New York City. It would be good to meet you someday.

Yes. How do you decide? Which way will you go. Mentally I see a line being drawn in the sand here and it won't be too long before the question goes out. Stay in the old, or step across the line. Individual choices. You are right. Thats what its all about.

Good to see your post. You have been quiet. I have a feeling most of us are just holding our breath until this next chapter comes out. It must be an important one or Paul wouldn't be spending quite so much time with it. Right? Or did he go to Jamaica and he hasn't told any of us yet? grinder

correct on all counts

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 9:10 pm
by Trickfox
Your right, I'm reserving my posts for periods when they are most needed to come out. This follows because of the increasing conviction that there are forces at play that many people would fear. I'm ready, but I wonder how many others are!

Ready for launch.!


PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:41 am
by Radomir
Well all my subject lines seem to be "thanks" these days. What a gracious community here.

Radomir I am thinking of you particularly because I know that you are making a concentrated effort to cover as much ground as you can so that you can form your own particular questions.

Well bless you, dear. Still reading here and likely to be for some time catching up as well as I can.

That is a phenomenal post by JBM, not to mention the addenda by Mr. twigsnapper. You learn some interesting history about the RCA company in that Tesla biography I recommended earlier.

I recall when we were stationed in Europe, being able to find a particular station on the shortwave band, receiving a constant string of numbers read out in German by a female voice. I wasn't sure if it was "our" codes sent into the GDR, or "their" codes sent out to their folks.

Those types are the stations we have receivers for, and we still don't know what the codes are...consider all the bands we can't pick up.

Someone in another thread asked what if we had a receiver, what might any hypothetical intercepted human-transmitted gravitic transmissions sound like. If I were transmitting them, I'd make them sound as much like background static as possible. Highly doubtful in this age of digital encoding protocols that anything we'd receive would be a coherent, non-coded analog signal. Not likely anyway.


more like pink noise or impulse noise

PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:53 am
by Trickfox
Radomir wrote:Someone in another thread asked what if we had a receiver, what might any hypothetical intercepted human-transmitted gravitic transmissions sound like. If I were transmitting them, I'd make them sound as much like background static as possible. Highly doubtful in this age of digital encoding protocols that anything we'd receive would be a coherent, non-coded analog signal. Not likely anyway.


Well now, I think you are definately on the right track Radomir. Does the word "Stochastic noise" make any sense to you?