Chapter 19 Anniversaries

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Chapter 19 Anniversaries

Postby Victoria Steele » Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:59 am

Of course, I want to be the one to open this thread because I am the romantic here and I just love the way that Morgan and Lindas romance unfolded just as she was getting ready to leave for her new college experiences. During the earlier chapters we read Lindas admissions that she was crushed that Morgan hadn't made any sort of a physical move in her direction and now, with her leaving the next day it was going to be too late to develope any kind of a relationship. That night though Morgan finally tells her that he stayed away because .... as he said " I knew that there was a chance that things would go too far too fast. Thats not the kind of going away present that I wanted to give you."

I just like the guy. Oh, I KNOW he's a rake. But not with her. Thats sort of odd, don't you think?

He admitted that he is feeling emotions for her too but he doesn't try to tell her anything more than that. Just that he has recognized something special happening and that he is not willing to see it fade to black either. After their first kiss when she says " But all this is going to be over tomorrow. His response was " Oh, no, you're kinda stuck with me now."

Unlike alot of others out there this guy really meant it. Actions speak louder than words. What more for love needs to be said. Forty-two years later he is helping a writer write the biography of Townsend Brown and I am sure that he is doing for alot of reason. The biggest one I think is that he still loves her. He is definitely not out of Linda Browns life. Not for a moment. I love it. Forty two years later folks. I think when he said "you're kinda stuck with me ........ he meant it. "anniversaries indeed. Victoria
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