Chapter 8 "Some Kind of Revelation"

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Chapter 8 "Some Kind of Revelation"

Postby Victoria Steele » Sat Sep 16, 2006 3:39 am

Now here we have the same kind of careful research details that mark the earlier "setting the stage" chapters, but this one is beginning to have an interesting edge and I found that in this sentence on the first page.( There are only four pages in this chapter, Paul hasn't quite hit his stride here yet, but what he has to say is important stuff)

The sentence that caught me was " And somewhere along the line, in the summer or fall of 1923, LK and Mames only child, the scion of one of Ohios wealthiest families, the aspiring scientist and inventor WAS VISITED BY SOME KIND OF REVELATION. THERE WAS, NO DOUBT SOME SINGLE MOMENT OF INSPIRATION. ..... he goes on to say that there was no record of such an inspiration .... but then Paul says that Townsend Brown had told his daughter, (repeating it so that she would remember perhaps) that whatever it was that he came to understand "HE KNEW IT ALL AT ONCE."

Paul, have you been able to really talk to Linda about this "KNOWING IT ALL AT ONCE" thing. What did he actually mean by that. What ALL ????/ His work? The future? His role in all of this? What ALL????? Victoria
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