chapter 5 "Electric Earthworms"

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chapter 5 "Electric Earthworms"

Postby Victoria Steele » Sat Sep 16, 2006 3:29 am

In this chapter I think that Paul gets a chance to show off the amount of detailed background research that he is going to be famous for. What he does know about Townsend Brown has been very carefully put together. It puts the other "writers" who mention Townsend Brown to shame. I particularly liked the reason that Thomas Townsend Brown went by the name of Townsend (as a nod to his mothers side of the family) and that everyone who REALLY knew him, knew that he preferred to be called "Townsend " , NEVER TOM.

See thats the kind of little detail that spells authenticity.

Townsends grandfather must have been some individual, to get so much done with such little established schooling. But you know, in that age, thats what made America the power that it became. And so Townsend had quite a lineage to keep up with. His Grandfather and Grandmother Townsend must have thought highly of this young grandson to afford him the advantages that they did. Victoria
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