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Brown Family

Postby bla » Thu Jan 06, 2005 9:14 am

Its not right that the brown family to be so secretive about photos or any other proof of anti grav flight or any other breakthrough. They are being selfish with wanting a 'normal life'. They lost a chance to have a normal life as soon as their mother borne them. It is their duty to the human race to let proof, if it exists, to surface so the human race may better itself.

Re: Anonymous Posts

Postby Paul S. » Thu Mar 17, 2005 1:16 pm

Ya know, "bla," that post might carry more weight if it came from an actual registered user of these forums. In the meantime, I think your criticism is mis-directed. I can assure you, the Brown family does not have a whole lot of light to shed on Dr. Brown's work and discoveries beyond what is already out there. What the family can share -- and has shared with me -- are more the personal details of his life and travels. The real mysteries are buried elsewhere.

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Duty to the Human Race

Postby Chris Knight » Mon Jan 02, 2006 6:11 pm


Your opinion is not an uncommon one. Townsend was hounded his entire life by people who wanted to benefit from his work, particularly in his later years when the requests became more insistent and demanding that he give away his knowledge before he died. Those he did assist benefited, of course, without returning any information or financial benefit to him or his family.

The Sharper Image "ionic Breeze" is a fine example. I've known the Brown family for approximately 20 years now, and I don't seem to remember them mentioning the large royalty checks from Sharper Image coming in regularly, or the late night infomercials mentioning his groundbreaking research. I do remember one of the family members mentioning how she could not stand to watch the infomercials, as they brought back too many bad memories.

Duty. Everyone has a duty to the human race. A very altruistic statement. Unfortunately, Townsend, as have so many others, tried to make the world a better place, and instead spent his life fighting ignorance, greed, corruption, and the like. I suspect after seeing what Townsend went through, that their wellspring of altruism might wane a bit.

To credit, the site has been around for about 10 years now. Even with what Townsend went through, the Brown family is still willing to help disseminate information to the world. The basic concepts are there for you to study, but it's up to you to go from there.
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well spring of altuism

Postby Victoria Steele » Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:57 am

Note to Chris,

You use a phrase that Brown and others have drawn from a "wellspring of altruism" and after reading a little of what Paul Schatzkin has written so far I can pretty much see that Townsend did not place "making money" at the top of the list, or if he did, he wasn't very good at it.

What was more important than making money from his developments?You said that he never really was rewarded for all of his hard work. Was he just a very poor business man? Or did he have other reasons for "flying under the publics radar?" And why would he put his family through all of those moves, for all of those years, unless there was something important involved. Do you have any idea what might have been the motivating factor in his life.? He was obviously not egotistical . Didn't really care about making money .... so .... other than his research. .. What did the man think important? I hope that you are still around to answer this because I just realized that your message is pretty old. Victoria
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What drove Brown ?

Postby Chris Knight » Mon Feb 20, 2006 3:13 pm


Sorry, it's Andrew here. We've all gone under pseudonyms over time. Chris happens to be my nickname.

That's a good question about Brown, and I've given it some thought over the years. I've come to the conclusion that he was probably driven by two forces that I've seen in my own life.

The first force is the desire to know. That's why we spend so much time searching the records, experimenting, late nights, forgetting to eat meals, exploring. Humans are naturally curious, and we are all driven differing degrees. Just to know. Am I right? Will this work? What happens if I put this here (ouch!). Oh, that's what happens. What about if I do this?

The second force is, as much as I don't like to say it, altruism. Although I am a Christian and my beliefs guide me towards unconditional love for humanity, I have to admit that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with us. I see such potential, and then I see the greed, hate, lust, power, etc. that tends to motivate all of us. BUT, what if I could make the world a better place? What if I were part of something whose goal was give as many people a hand up (not a hand out) as possible. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

I think he felt he was part of something arger that could make a difference. It would explain his actions, and his life. Look at how history has treated him - just some man who fiddled around with some things and no one really listened to. Then again, as Paul is finding out, that's not the real story. Every man carries in his heart the desire to be great. What would motivate a man to spend his entire life flying under the radar as an unknown, all appearances showing he's not much of anything, while in reality leading a double life of intrigue, scientific discovery, etc. ?

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Moving all the time

Postby Mark Culpepper » Thu Mar 02, 2006 5:16 pm

Andrew, Victoria .... You probably already recognize me from our other discussions. I am a retired school teacher with some family ties ( father and now brother) in intelligence services ... so I seem to be in an unusual spot to comment on what I think was going on in Townsend Browns life.

I initially got interested in Townsend Browns story not with the science of the man (which was nearly an obsession with my brother when we were growing up ... he had pictures of the "Adamski saucer" plastered all over our room .... but thats another connection) .... but my interest kicked in when I read the part of Pauls book that said Browns daughter Linda had attended "48 different schools" before she graduated.

what grabbed me. As a high school history teacher ... (and coach, small school) I could not conceive of a student transferring so many times. Now I understand that she stayed in one school for two years ... the last two years of her high school experience .... which means an average of NEARLY FIVE MOVES EACH YEAR. Think about what a sacrifice that was folks ... the school dances, the friends, the .... oh, you name it ... all the things that are good about being in one school for any length of time. Linda would have constantly been the NEW kid ... and I have seen how that works and it is not always a kind situation.

In one of his chapters Paul mentioned that this Morgan discovered his classmate, Linda, in the Library and I begin to understand thats how she managed. She turned to the library into her "best friend" .... thats why she was so familiar with the books there ... greeting them as friends. Because the library might have changed but she could always find the same "friends" there.

Long winded observation there but this is sort of in response to "bla" who said that it was the "Brown Families Obligation" to give up materials etc. From my standpoint, trying to see what Linda Browns life was like from the outside ... I don't know about the rest of the Brown family ... but from the moves alone, I believe Townsend Browns daughter has already given up quite enough for the legacy. Mark
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How can you even keep up?

Postby Martin Calloway » Fri Mar 17, 2006 3:54 am


I'd like to know how Josephine Brown was able to manage all those moves herself. I realize her daughter had to change schools alot but that also means that she would have had to pack and repack all that time. How in the world did she keep up? What kind of a social life did she have? What did Josephine do while Townsend was so occupied at his lab.

I'm having a real hard time imagining what it was like for her. And .. how much did she know about why they were moving? Most women would not have done that, uprooted their children that way, that constantly. What did the older boy think of all that moving? And what did Linda actually think of it? At some point I could easily believe that there were many tears. Martin
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Postby Ernest Fields » Fri Mar 31, 2006 1:32 am

Mr. Brown proable got caught in the "unbeliveable Physics" by a government manager who didn't know squat about what he was doing but gave ear to the know-it all physicist who resented his work and forced him out just when he got it close to working. All his work was classified and his lab notes confisticated so that he could not continue his work in the U.S.A. but had to go to Europe to continue as Pons and Fleiscmann of cold Fusion fame had to leave the US to continue their work. Working for a company that provides a place to do reasearch owns the patent rights by contract. This appears to be what occured with the Ionic Breeze. He proable got $1.00 and his salary.
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Postby Chris Knight » Fri Mar 31, 2006 2:34 am


There may be some truth to that. We've all come across that little person with a little power in our lives. Brown's association with Martin Decker seems like it may be one of those situations; however the journals were not confiscated by any means.

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one dollar, maybe

Postby Elizabeth Helen Drake » Fri Mar 31, 2006 3:31 pm

Ernie and Andrew,

Paul will undoubtably have more to say about Townsend Browns relationship with the business forces that surrounded his life. And you are both right , Dr. Brown obviously ran into even more than his share of shortsightedness in his research, both inside and outside of the military.(to you Ernie, I want you to know that I do know Townsend Brown never earned his Drs. degree from any university, but I have joined the ranks of those who chose voluntarily to award him that title. I just can't say " Brown" and "Mr. Brown" seems hardly emotionally appropriate when you know his story a little better. Just so you know that I know.)

In the case of the Ionic Breeze I understand that Dr. Brown had a consulting arrangement with them but their continuation of the patent position continued after the original and basic "patent life " had run out.

Please read Pauls interesting interview with Mr. Lee,

(who was the gentleman who developed and presented to Sharper Image the continuation of Townsend Browns work which became the "Ionic Breeze".)

The interview is interesting because Mr. Lee is very gracious in his recognition of Browns "paternity" of the Ionic Breeze. (Something that the Sharper Image has still failed to do." He readily admitted (Jim Lee here )" I not only worked for him but he worked for me for awhile. I had a company called Zatek Industries in Concord California. I was interested in his ion wind technologies, trying to make something of it. It was kind of crude, what he had, but it was interesting. He was having alot of financial problems. So we put him on as a consultant of sorts, gave him space in the back. He was working on what he called "petro-voltaics measuring the voltage across rock samples. There seemed to be an interesting phenomenon there which he seemed excited about, so we put him in a corner and provided him with some material and time and money and he played with that for six months or a year, and he was available to consult with us on the ion wind technologies."

Townsend Brown later moved on and Mr. Lee said that their development of what they had learned from that association ...."took years and years" and added of course that happened "well after he had passed on".

The Brown family of course never got anything from that development and for awhile Linda was quoted as saying that watching the "Late night informercials was a "bitter pill". And I doubt that the money end of it disturbed her. It was more the fact that her Fathers name was never mentioned .

Make note too of how long Dr. Brown was with Zatek. You will discover as you read Pauls book that it was just long enough to "plant a seed".

Thanks for your interest and comments! Elizabeth
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Paternity of the Ionic Breeze

Postby Mark Culpepper » Sun Apr 02, 2006 6:55 am

Paul I don't know why I missed that particular exchange but I did and I am glad that it has been brought to my attention.

You know that I have been fascinated by the constant moves that the Browns managed while their daughter was in school. Shoot, did her records ever catch up with her?

But the other thing that I noticed was that Townsend Brown seemed to limit his stays in any one area to about 6 months, if that.(and I am supposing that each short move and stay had a distinct purpose.

And here in your interview with Mr. Lee he says "He was having alot of financial problems. So we put him on as a consultant of sorts, gave him some space in the back" ............"so we put him in a corner and provided him with some material and time and money and he played with that for six months or a year and he was available to consult with us on the ion wind technologies."

Now Paul, I know you have been studying Mr. Brown for a long time and I am a newcomer, but maybe with some beginners luck I am seeing a couple of things and perhaps I can offer some observations and conjectures.

Mr. Lee said that Mr. Brown "played around with the petro-voltaic stuff" . I never met the man, but from what you have written and I have read ... I don't think he ever "played around" with anything. I believe he was there for a reason and I'll just bet that reason had nothing to do with needing a casual consulting arrangement and fee that it sounds like he was paid ... and a whole lot more to do with supplying Mr. Lee with the information it would take to get that "fan" on the market. (strangely he didn't seem all that concerned on collecting his part of whatever developments might have occurred..

He stayed six months and then ...poof ... he was gone .... Mr. Lee says " After his trip to Washington, and consulting with a consortium of scientists from around the world down in Florida, he came back from that trip and closed up shop , saying "no, theres nothing here, we can't do this any more." ...."It was very mysterious. Like he'd touched on some arena that he shouldn't have been playing with. That was the end of it. He left and went back into retirement and I never talked to him again." And I thought suddenly WHAT CONSORTIUM OF SCIENTISTS?

And I wondered too Paul. Was this when Dr. Brown decided suddenly to move to Catalina? I don't know what the dates are here but Neenie said that he moved to Catalina very quickly. And I agree with my brother when he makes the comment that he doesn't believe Dr. Brown ever retired from whatever it was that he was doing. Its just all very mysterious. Mark
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Postby Martin Calloway » Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:55 am


thats a helluva good post and some really good questions. I missed that remark about a "Consortium of Scientists". What did Mr. Lee mean by that I wonder? I also wonder if Dr. Brown shared any of that information with him or just sort of devised his own pink slip and .... "retired"

Well, we know that didn't happened. So Paul, are we getting ahead of your storyline and getting into stuff you are still holding close to your chest or can you tell us where Dr. Brown went AFTER THIS MEETING WITH A CONSORTIUM OF SCIENTISTS ? do you know who they are?.... he apparently just weighed anchor from Northern California and from Mr. Lees account, he did it relatively quickly.

Mr. Lee? are you reading this? Do you remember when it was that Dr. Brown left so quickly? Martin
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Consortium secrets?

Postby grinder » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:58 am


This is sort of interesting. I was in another part of the forum The "EXTENDED DISCUSSIONS" side I think, and answered some of MarksCs questions with even more questions.

They were talking about the remote possibility that something could be kept from the US Military and my reaction was "ain't hardly possible" .... what with the NSA and the spy satellite out fit the NRO and everybody else. Would be impossible to even consider ....

then I run right into a remark from the man who developed the "Ionic Breeze " and HE SAYS THAT BROWN MET WITH A "CONSORTIUM OF SCIENTISTS" And then radically changed what he was doing there and actually left the area. What was going on? Now I'm getting suspicious. Like, who the heck were they and why did he seem to respond that way after his visit to Florida. He never explained any thing more. Were they military scientists? or Private section guys? just thought I'd mention it. grinder.
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must be important

Postby Annemarie » Sun May 07, 2006 5:44 pm


Your question must be important.( Or maybe its the answer that keeps coming back to be answered!) I noticed that your question was asked nearly a month ago and it has come back around to be asked again! In fact thats the first post I made ... in the section called CONSORTIUM. So I find that very strange. Its like the information goes around in a big circle and knocks again!

Of course I sense also that Paul has all of this information pretty much laid out for the book and he is methodically taking it step by step. Its a matter I guess of waiting to see what new stuff comes out...... and when it comes out, I guess.

You mentioned the question which I really liked. How can anyone these days keep ANYTHING from the eyes of those spy satellites? The alternate thought to that from my side of it is .... if you can't stop them from seeing things ..... then you must have some sort of "inside arrangement" with those agencies. How could this "Consortium" called the "Caroline Group" ever be that powerful? That strains credibility, but is it possible?

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Postby Elizabeth Helen Drake » Mon May 08, 2006 5:13 am

Hi Annemarie, welcome to the forum and thanks for your comments.

Is it possible for some organization to be INSIDE other organizations, like the military, or political structures ? And yet remain undetected? A very good question?

Of course you can hear conspiracy stories up to your eyeballs and its usually a sinister kind of story told and retold and then told again. Always some sort of secret shadowy sinister group "pulling strings". I have to admit, there are some elements of the "Caroline Group" that seem to fall into that zone, certainly secret, certainly able to "pull strings"!

We haven't even begun to dig into how they may have accomplished certain objectives. And since our view is rather limited to the life of one man and the lives of those his life touched our view of the Caroline Group is going to be understandably limited.

I guess thats a question we may have to ask ourselves then. Was it possible for a group like that to alter history? Were they working toward the positive or the negative? Or is that an either/or scenario that Paul and I have been warned about. Were they helping us "get ahead?" or were they "holding us back"? Or did they even care about the agendas of others and were they just meeting their own agendas? And what might those have been? As you can see , I have been thinking about all this too much!

So, you can see, I really do appreciate the thoughts and opinions that many of you may offer. Sometimes when I am by myself I just go around in a big circle. Then I wonder why all the mental scenery looks so familiar! Elizabeth
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