Travels of Townsend Brown

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Travels of Townsend Brown

Postby Mark Culpepper » Wed Mar 29, 2006 5:11 pm

All those following this interesting trail.

You might know by now that I am a retired school teacher and got interested in the story of Townsend Brown when the fact came to my attention that his daughter Linda had attended 48 different schools in her educational career. That just entirely blew me away. So I fired off a couple of sort of rude questions to Paul (What kind of grades could she possibly have gotten?, how did she ever graduate? How could she have gone on to college ?.. anywhere.)

Anyway he answered patiently that Linda had managed to become a very good student. Even commenting on the quality of different schools and I had to begrudgingly give her that. The lady has to have become an expert in the educational system of the United States.

And in all of this and my growing interest in the story of Townsend Brown himself, I thought ... they moved so much ... exactly WHERE did they move. Now I know that there would be probably really good reason for each of these moves (my family was involved in the "intelligence field" with my Dad until my parents divorced, so I know something about moving suddenly and quickly and not always knowing where we were going. I have sensed that Linda Brown went through much the same experience.) But WHERE.

So I am opening this "pool" to ask others out there to add their knowledge of the "travels of Townsend Brown".

Just from the last couple of chapters I know that he spent time in the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1964. (Linda apparently spent her last two years at Great Valley High School ... been there for a conference once. good school) Then they moved to Florida?

In 1967 (Chapter 4 "How Many Generals does it Take?") the Brown family is living in Santa Monica California... so they obviously didn't stay in Florida long. In the Prologue (Every Cabbie in Catalina) they are living on Catalina Island in 1985.

So ... darned ... thats alot of moves right there and I have a feeling I don't even have a notion of the number of times (as Paul wrote) Josephine took that little green teapot from the mantle and packed it. Anybody care to try to keep score? And those are the moves. Where did he travel for the fun of it? Mark
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Postby Victoria Steele » Thu Mar 30, 2006 4:23 pm

Hey guys . Read the last chapter (29) Apparently the Browns lived in the Bahamas too in the early sixties! Dr. Brown certainly liked Islands! I have read somewhere else that he lived in Hawaii too ... so put that on his list of "travels" too. Check out this chapter. Who is "Mr. X" do you think? Victoria
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Following the Stephenson trail

Postby Victoria Steele » Thu Apr 20, 2006 2:29 pm

Answering my own messages,

but time has gone by and Paul has released information that seems to identify Mr. X as the person known as William Stephenson (A Man Called Intrepid was one book written about him ... the book was dragged about as " nearly wholly fiction" so I don't know how seriously to take it ...... or how seriously to discount his detractors. I think with this individual finding the absolute truth to anything is intentionally going to be very difficult.)

But beyond that, on this post I am trying to just keep track of WHERE Doctor Brown travelled. Now from Mr. Twigsnapper we learn that he was in England and in France in 1955-1956. I think I had heard that too but now I am just adding that to our list of "places" .... I have a feeling its going to end up being a long list. Victoria
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