Dr. Browns secrets

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Mr Twigsnappers secrets

Postby Mikado14 » Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:27 am

AArrrrggghhh!!! Charlie Brown!

Radomir???? DOD????? Maryland??? Salt shakers??? Pepper shakers??? Lions and tigers and bears..(your cue Paul)

Hell, I'm still tryin' to figure out the bell boy..

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy
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Re: Dr. Browns secrets

Postby Mark Culpepper » Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:46 pm

I don't even want to get involved in that three cowboys in a hotel room discussion. I figured out a long time ago that the answer that worked for me was that the " agent" bellboy actually took that missing dollar and sent it into some deep dark and very black project where light just never escapes. It and millions of other dollars when we think ( John Q. Public) that we are getting some sort of "return"

Curious to see what sort of projects spawn in this new administration. I have a feeling with THIS one the Commander in Chief might just have more of a handle on things. Lets all hope so anyway, right?

So Paul? Whats happening? Will we be getting a chance to buy the E version of the book yet? Is the "rewrite" finished? Doing a Victoria on you I guess, but you have been substantially quiet. Of course I know that nothing will happen with all of the holidays in front of us. Nothing ever happens for anyone until after people get their feet back on the ground after the first. But what then?

If nothing substantial to talk about then PLEASE send us something else to chew on. All of the math guys are having a good time but I want to hear more about the storyline or the mysteries involved. I gave up on solving any of the math before I even started!

Anybody seen The Day The Earth Stood Still yet? Reviews? MarkC
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In The Day...

Postby Griffin » Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:10 am

Mark C. and all,

“Klaatu barada nikto,” indeed.

Yes, I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still yesterday, 12-12, on its launch date. I shut down my own “lab” for the afternoon.

It’s a watchable film, but I think it does have shortcomings compared to the original.

The characterization of Klaatu which Michael Rennie inhabits in the 1951 original is much more accessible than the one Keanu Reeves was given or adopted, imo.

I felt that some urgency was lost by excluding the nuclear and weaponization of space issues, although the overall urgency of the earth’s stifling pollution and dwindling resources should be enough of an issue. The inclusion of the missiles shut-down during earth entry was apt, in that there is excellent evidence that the Visitants can do exactly that. I’ll pursue this on my soon to debut website. The interaction and mutually instructive exchange with the humanitarian earth scientist is still there in a shorter timeframe in this remake. This character reminds me of TTB. The choice of a Monty Python alumnus to play him in this version may be making an additional statement of some sort. John Cleese does give a good performance as Dr. Barnhardt, although I prefer Sam Jaffee in the original. Besides Jaffee’s own humanitarian sensibilities helping to inform the role, his Gunga Din-Kipling-High Lama associations add something too. The multi-national group of compatriots in Gunga Din brings another group somewhat to mind, and the Tibetan connection tends to resonate with this Flow Forum in certain respects as well. In addition to being an actor, Jaffee also had an engineering and math teaching background. Sam’s first name at birth was Shalom -- meaning peace and wholeness, which is a good encapsulation of the film’s basic “message to earth” as well as that of the Visitants. The 2008 version of TDTESS begins with a short scene on a high mountain in the Karakorum range. This also resonates in that there are interesting mysteries in that general region, still to be explored.

Anyway, I hope the new film does well since it contains a message worth considering. As TTB well knew, imho, the film is an interesting mixture of reel and real life.

As ever,

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Postby Griffin » Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:21 am


The original film’s ending, on a clearly ambiguous note of hope without definite assurance of later avoiding Gort’s “justice,” is superior too, imo.

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Re: Dr. Browns secrets

Postby Radomir » Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:03 pm

Thanks so much for the review, Griff. I'd been waiting to see it until I heard from folk here on the forum. My plan is to see the original first (it has been decades) this week, then go see the new one some time over the holidays.

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Re: Dr. Browns secrets

Postby Mark Culpepper » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:22 pm

Now thats an interesting blog post Paul, about the Bahamas and AUTEC and all of that. The thought immediately came to me to ask you just exactly WHERE the Brown family went when they lived in the Bahamas. You have mentioned that the family visited Nassau when Morgan was spending time with them, and that Sir William was visiting from Nassau during that time period but I thought that there was another period where they actually lived there.

Linda? Can you help us out here? And why exactly would your family move to the Bahamas? Did you go to school there? I can list all kinds of reasons that I would like to be there but I just wondered why Dr. Brown would choose to go there and take everyone with him. Did you take your horses? I know that might seem a strange question to others but from this end of things, being a Dad with a horse crazy girl .... I can not imagine going without them without alot of tears and tantrums! ( And that just might be me ... I have gotten attached to the things too ..... money chewing beasts that they are)

And I guess this forum post is the best place to put these questions. Dr. Browns Secrets indeed.

I looked over what you have written so far Paul and I guess that they would have been there after 1958 and before 1967. What I guess you all are calling the missing years.

I had heard about the Naval base of course but didn't know when it was established. Could what you have found about those islands have anything to do with what Dr. Brown was working on? I keep thinking of that picture where he is pointing to the sky and even you said .... that was probably a diversion. Phantom subs? Right up his rabbit hole I think!

oh and edit, edit ... How are things going Paul? Asking again because its been nearly a month since I asked the last time and though I know that we all have been busy I am really interested in finding out if an E book is in the making perhaps and when the time frame might be? MarkC
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Re: Dr. Browns secrets

Postby Linda Brown » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:41 pm


I really don't want to go into detail but I apprecated your questions about my experiences in the Bahamas. Paul may go into it more but yes we did move to the Bahamas at one point, early in 1962. Found a wonderful spot in Dunmore Town on Harbor Island ... which was not too far from Nassau by trade ferry.....or by ferry and then plane from Eleuthera.

I had sold both of my horses before we left the states and yes there were many tears.

I actually didn't go to school during this period in my life. Dad handed me an encyclopedia and simply said " start at the beginning!" I don't remember how long that enthusiasm lasted!
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