Forum Maintenance & Upgrade – Monday 5/19

The forums behind this website are will undergo some maintenance and upgrading on Monday morning, May 19, from roughly 9:AM Central Time until about 11:AM.

During that time, the forums may be down briefly.  When they come back up, we will be using the very latest version of phpBB, the software engine that drives the forums. 

Things may look a little different, too. I don’t think we’re going to use the page templates we’ve been using, it’s going to be a bit more standard, but we might be able to match the colors some.  The new page layout should be simpler, too.

The big difference, we hope, is that by upgrading to the newest software, we’ll be able to finally find off all the "bot" registrations, those bogus entries that bloat our member numbers every month until I get around to purging them.  If that works, then we can return to the default, conventional way of registering new users, without the "contact me first" routine that we’ve had to resort to.

The upgrade should also give me/us more options for creating and moderating new threads, something I’ve wanted for a long time.

Everything else should be pretty much as you’ve come to expect.  Just be patient for a bit come Monday morning if you discover you can’t get in.


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