First Patent Drawings Discovered

Andrew Bolland has just sent us some photographs that he took back in 1988 of what appear to be the very earliest hand-drawn renderings of the illustrations that found their way into the 1927/28 patent discussed in Chapter 20.  There are two sets of images here.  The first drawings depict the gravitator as it was eventually rendered in the 1928 patent.

The second set discloses Brown’s concept for a “Gravitator Space Car.” These drawings are completely new to us, and are the first concrete evidence we’ve seen that indeed, Brown may have been thinking in terms of space travel from the outset.  Or, at least, gravity-field powered flight.

It’s probably just due to the graphic styles of the period, but we also couldn’t help but notice a resemblance between what Brown has drawn here and the image of a “G-Engine” vessel that appears on page 3 of Nick Cook’s breakthrough epic, The Hunt For Zero Point – Inside The Classified World of Antigravity Technology.”  Just our wild imaginations, I’m sure.

Click here to see all these images.

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  1. Paul … You’re not pulling our legs? These are the actual drawings from Brown? … thirty years before that design shows up in an article. Granted , the fronts different … still five windows, hatch in the same place … I frankly think Browns is much more elegant than the artists rendition … You aren’t kidding …. I don’t think you are … which means ….Nick Cook had Townsend Browns work in front of him all along, right from the first moment … he admitted that the Gladych article was what started him on his HUNT …But WHY THEN … Why did he nearly ignor what was out there regarding Browns work? This is WIERD. Mark

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