“Circumstantial Physics” ??

Now there’s a concept.  And there are actually people who are promoting "circumstantial physics" as a viable form of investigation.  For example, follow these links, or click here:

…to listen to some excerpts from a Coast to Coast AM program last month with Richard C. Hoagland, joined later in the broadcast by Joseph P. Farrell.  The program is described on the C2C website like this:

Hoagland presented his thesis that during that during the launch of the
Explorer I rocket in 1958, von Braun discovered an anti-gravity effect
was taking place. The effect, related to the craft’s orbit, defied
Newtonian physics and was kept secret, said Hoagland. He explained that
he pieced it together using "circumstantial physics."

outlined Nazi connections associated with the anti-gravity discovery. A
"post-war Nazi International" group may have employed alternative
physics for a secret space program running parallel to NASA, he stated.
Von Braun was obsessed with Mars, and Hoagland suggested the Nazis
believed their ancestors came from Mars, and their goal was to return
there. For more, see the Enterprise Mission report Von Braun?s
50-Year-Old Secret Part 1, Part

One wonders how anybody can piece together anything credible using "circumstantial physics" as a foundation.  But then we also know that if you throw enough weasel words (could have, maybe, may have, possibly, etc.) together, you can get people to believe just about anything. 

And apparently there is no shortage of media luminaries who will lend credence to such theories in order to fill the hours and hours of air-time at their disposal. 

Maybe this is why it’s so hard to tell pseudo-science from the real thing.


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