Chariots of the Really Ancient Gods

Here’s a topic that Morgan brought to my attention a while back.  This blog entry showed up in my Google Alerts this morning, so I’m passing it along for your amusement and edification:

researches into the hoary secrets of aviation have proved that the
knowledge of flight existed among ancient civilizations in Egypt,
China, Peru and Columbia. However, India was perhaps the torchbearer of
that glorious tradition which many still consider a myth.

Emperor Ashoka started a “Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men”:
great Indian scientists who were supposed to catalogue the many
mysterious sciences. The monarch kept their work secret because he was
afraid that the advanced revelations, culled from ancient Indian
sources, would be used for the evil purpose of war, which the Buddhist
ruler reviled. 

These “Nine Unknown Men” are said to have written nine books, one
of which was titled ‘The Secrets of Gravitation’ dealing with gravity
control. Quite astounding a subject for the time and age!

Link: Vimanas: Ancient wisdom on wings.

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