Chapters 26 & 27 Now Online

We’re pleased to say this has been another productive week here in the Parallel Universe…

Last week we ended by saying that we would do the best we could to reconstruct Townsend Brown’s career at the Naval Research Laboratory, despite the NRL’s apparent inability to conjure up any evidence that the man had ever actually worked there.

Thus we are now offering Chapter 26: A Seagoing Sailor At Last, which recounts the daring exploits of Seaman First Class Townsend Brown on the voyage of the S-48 submarine to measure gravitational anomalies in the West Indies in the winter of 1932.

But wait: there’s more!  We have also completed Chapter 27: A Complete System, which recounts the more terrestrial tribulations that awaited Sea1c Brown upon his return to shore duty at the NRL after his voyage on the S-48.

More importantly, this installment includes a detailed description of just what Brown was working on at the NRL in the early-to-mid 1930s.  And, just possibly, some of the ideas described here might give us some idea why Brown has become one of those dimmed out luminaries I like to call "obscure 20th century scientists."   

To believe that assertion, you will have to make a supposition based on the information contained in Chapter 27.  However, there is one clue buried in this material that just might lend some veracity to that possibility.  See if you can figure out what that clue is, and take your ideas for discussion to the forum.


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