Chapter 60 is Now Online

Chapter 60: No Need for Formalities is not the chapter I thought I was going to write. I thought I was going to return to the primary thread, picking up with Townsend Brown and Josephine (and son Joseph and now daughter Linda as well) after his recovery in Laguna Beach in 1946.  Instead, I found myself writing about a number of things that have been lurking in the back of my mind for quite a while.

As befits a story that is trying to imply the reality of time travel, the narrative so far has jumped around between two time periods.  The first started in 1963 with Morgan’s arrival in Linda’s life; the second is actually the primary thread, beginning with Townsend Brown’s birth in 1905.  This new chapter gives some substance to a third tread, i.e. the contemporary time period, from the beginning of this quest in 2002 and 2003.

It may seem at first like this chapter has little to do with the actual story — the life of T. Townsend Brown.  But now that it’s finished it seems to me that this is in some ways perhaps the most important chapter yet, because it offers a first hand account of some of the unseen forces simmering beneath the surface of the main story.   

This is how it has to be: This story has to jump around, as we try see the ghost from a number of different angles.  It only shows up in our peripheral vision.  We have to look elsewhere to get a glimpse in the corner of our eye, and even then it takes a certain instinct, a touch of intuition, and a bit of faith and daring to appreciate what we are being shown.

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