Chapter 51 Is Now Online

Well, whaddya know.  Suddenly, when you least expect it… another chapter appears…

Chapter 51: Quantum Germans may seem like another history lesson, but it is actually the first installment in what is shaping up as a trilogy of chapters that delve into the mysterious goings on in Germany in the weeks and months just prior to the end of World War II.  This is the preamble to a story line that will eventually find Townsend Brown engaged in his own, first-hand investigation of those mysteries.  I need to get this context in place before I can properly tell the rest of the story.

These chapters seem to be coming out in bite sized nuggets. I thought at first that I would wait until the entire saga had unfolded, but it seems that this piece is complete enough to stand on its own; It seems consistent in size and focus with previous installments — and hey, it’s Thursday. So why the hell not put this piece out there and let y’all start chewing on it.

We’re taking on some pretty big guns here.  World War II is probably the most documented, revisited, and dissected conflict in human history; its aftermath still shapes our world today.  But by the time I’m done, I hope to articulate a new angle on the whole affair.  Call it "The Caroline Perspective."

There is more where this one came from and I’m already pounding it out,  But there is also a lot of  source material to absorb in order to keep it all in proper context.  At any rate, the next couple of weeks should prove very interesting.

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