Chapter 50 Is Now Online

Right after the holidays, I set about to digest and distill a notebook that Townsend Brown wrote in the winter of 1942-43, while he was engaged at the Vega Aircraft facility in Burbank, CA.  The second half of the volume is a theoretical exposition bearing the lofty title "Structure of Space."  Unfortunately, once I started plowing into the material,  I discovered it was a bit over my head. It has taken me the better part of the past few weeks to get a handle on the material and find the narrative context for it. 

Now I know how the python must have felt — after he’d swallowed the pig.

And now, for your reading pleasure, I offer Chapter 50: Structure of Space, which presents a thumbnail sketch of Brown’s 1943 notebooks along with some of the background history of the material they explore. 

Because this chapter deals with so many esoteric subjects, I have provided quite a few hyperlinks  to other web sites that offer some insights into the topics that Brown is discussing in the pages of his notebook.  So fire up your tabbed-window  browser (like Firefox or Internet Explorer v7) and start clicking; when you’re done, you’ll discover you’ve got a browser filled with some of the most important conceptual turns in 20th century physics and the colorful personalities who thunk ’em up.

I am also grateful to Andrew Bolland of Qualight LLC, who explained some of the terminology in these notebooks that was unfamiliar; some of the language in the chapter is drawn directly from Andrew’s explanations. 

That said, I hasten to add that this chapter is very much a work in progress; I’m certain it will go through numerous revisions as the concepts expressed are redefined and clarified in order to make a coherent presentation of the theories and ideas that Townsend Brown formulated by way of explaining the results of his experiments.  By all means, feel free to take anything I’ve said here to task, or to add anything you think might be pertinent, either in a direct e-mail reply to me or by making a post to the forum section where we are discussing this chapter.

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