Chapter 41 Now Online

Sometimes, in order to negotiate our way through this material, it will be necessary to take what seem like very small steps.  Such is the case with Chapter 41- Notes from the Rabbit Hole: Forks In The Road.

This installment presents a collection of semi-random musings and a bit of history, before finally cobbling together what we have actually been able to determine about Townsend and Josephine’s separate paths immediately after their divorce in 1937.

I didn’t start out to write this chapter as another "Notes from the
Rabbit Hole, but once I saw what shape it was taking, that approached
seemed to make more sense.  Then I picked up my copy of "Alice’s
Adventures In Wonderland" and it fell open to a section where Alice
meets the Cheshire Cat.  Finding the quotation that begins the chapter
pretty well sealed the deal for me.

In the course of developing this chapter, I discovered a previously overlooked detail about where Brown’s work may have gone in late 1938, which lead I am now pursuing.   Thus we see that even small steps such as this chapter represents are valuable,  particularly when they help identify where other work needs to be done.

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