Chapter 33 Now Online

Return with us now to those gentle days of yesteryear, as we go a-cruising on Eldridge Johnson’s palatial yacht as she plies the waters of the Puerto Rican Deep in search of previously unseen flora and fauna resting on the ocean floor thousands of fathoms below. 

In Chapter 33: Dredging the Depths, we return to the decks of "The Caroline" to learn more about the expedition on which Townsend Brown served in the winter of 1933.   Along the way, we learn not only about the voyage, but also more about Eldridge Johnson, his guests, and how Brown was effectively "recruited" into the organization that Johnson and William Stephenson had quietly assembled.  We also get some sense of the larger political and economic issues that are beginning to effect the times of which we write.

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Finally, this reminder:  I will be scuba diving in Cozumel all next week (brightly colored fish!) so there will be no chapter 34 until the following week.  If the resort we’re staying at has wireless, I may be able to monitor the forums.  Amazing, this Internets thingie… why, you can stay in touch almost anywhere!

Pray I don’t flood my underwater camera this time…..


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