Chapter 32 Now Online

It’s going to be pretty tough to top the revelations contained in Chapter 31: Intrepid.  So maybe this would be a good time to take a deep breath and just contemplate some of the implications of what we’re learning about the secret life of T. Townsend Brown.

Chapter 32: Reflections on Biscayne Bay accomplishes that by returning to the Morgan/Linda story line, taking a half-step back to indulge in some of Morgan’s personal recollections of his first contact with the individual whose identity was revealed in Chapter 31. 

This is not the chapter I expected to write after "Intrepid."  But a funny thing happened on the way to Chapter 32:  I was sifting through my notes and found, buried among my various digital files, a complete record, in Morgan’s own words, recalling some of the highlights of
his visit with the Browns in Florida during the Christmas break in

I rather pride myself on being like hyper-organized with all this stuff (some might use another word, one that beings with the letter "a"…).  I was pretty certain I had covered all the germain points when I wrote that chapter about "Mr. X. " So imagine my surprise when I found this other stuff that I’d left out completely.

I panicked for a moment, thinking, "Damn, I should have used this material in that other chapter!" and wondered for a moment if I should go back and rewrite it.  And then I realized, no, this is even better.

In fact, this is perfect.  This material is much more resonant placed here, standing on its own, after the identity of "Mr. X" has been revealed. 

Once again, the process itself proof positive that the Parallel Universe has a mind of its own. Somedays I’m the writer, and some days I’m just the guy holding the pen (OK, pounding the keyboard…).

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