Chapter 29 Now Online

I think I have said a number of times that  one key to understanding the Townsend Brown story is found in not looking directly at it, but rather by looking at its reflection.  Or I might have used the "wind in the trees" metaphor: you can’t really see the wind, but you know that it’s there by watching the effect it has on the trees.

And so it is with our Dr. Brown.  Sometimes it is nearly impossible to see what was going on in his life, but if you look at what was going on around him, you can get a better idea.

In the spirit of "the wind in the trees, Chapter 29: Quadratic Equations & Mr. X switches back to the "Linda and Morgan" storyline. In this installment, we see not only a reflection of the characters of both Townsend Brown and his wife Josephine, and but also another perspective on the theme that was introduced in last week’s discussion of the "Deeper Draft Vessel."

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