Chapter 28 Now Online

Today’s installment is something of a departure from the usual approach to this material. 

In the forums attached to this site, I recently made the point that there are certain "weasel words" that are too often used by other writers to couch the speculations and Grand Theories that they offer — in order to lend credence to  things that they really can’t explain.  So when I’m editing my own work, I make a concerted effort to excise words like "perhaps…" and "maybe…" or "apparently…."   These are all euphemisms for "I don’t really know, but I’m going to say it any way." And that’s not really how I want this material to be perceived. 

My whole point in undertaking this biography of Townsend Brown is to assemble "just the facts, ma’am."   I want, as much as possible, to make the case for "this is what we know to be true."  There has not been a great deal written about Townsend Brown prior to this, but much of what has been written is so full of implausibilities, distortions, and in some case outright dis-information, that I have felt from the start that there is some merit in setting forth precisely what is known and distinguishing it from the what is already "out there" that is really, mostly, speculation predicated on half-facts.

However, it is impossible to write about Townsend Brown, and even to honor the truth of his life, without looking into the shadows, and seeing that there must have been something there — some diaphanous shape in the mists that had some influence on his life.

And so we come to another episode of "Notes from the Rabbit Hole" in Chapter 28:  A Deeper Draft Vessel."  The most pertinent parts of this installment recount the very first face-to-face conversation I had with Brown’s daughter Linda, when we met in Las Vegas in April, 2003 — my god, almost three years ago!  During this conversation Linda introduced a concept which, while somewhat vague and abstract, nevertheless reaches to the heart of this story. 

Hopefully, rather than litter the pages with those weasel words, I have endeavored to report the conversation, and some of the internal processing, precisely they way I recall them after listening to the voice recordings I made our our discussions.  It’s uncanny how listening to a conversation like that — even years later — the same internal reflections that formed in your mind will form again, practically recreating the exact circumstances of the original conversation.   And I have talked enough with Linda since then to know that the few suggestions offered of her own internal processing are fairly reliable. 

Hopefully, the merit in the relatively speculative notions presented in this chapter will be borne out in subsequent chapters, when readers will hopefully begin to get a better sense of the unseen forces that are introduced here.   And, if everything I’m offering here is completely off base, then I’m sure I can trust the most faithful of my readers to tell me as much by posting your comments to the forums

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