Chapter 22 Now Online

After last week’s productivity lapse, I’m pleased to say that the muse has returned to offer up Chapter 22:  Closing Ashlawn in which readers will get a strong sense of one of the recurring themes of the Brown oddyssey: moving.   Not much more to say here, the chapter pretty well speaks for itself.

If you have any comments on this installment, I do encourage you to use the forums, or you can use the open "comments" section below. 

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2 Responses to Chapter 22 Now Online

  1. Elizabeth Helen Drake says:

    Paul …… its interesting that in your latest chapter (22) you would post a classic example of how quickly and expertly Townsend and Josephine Brown could “break camp” and move. Two other readers have posted some interesting thoughts on the forum
    on WHY the Browns became so expert at moving …….I invite those of you who might have ideas of your own to share them with us. Elizabeth

  2. Jennifer McCormick says:

    How could they move …. without telling their daughter their plans?
    And if they moved like this all of Lindas life, how did she ever manage to graduate from one class to the next? Someone estimated that she attended about five schools a year. Academically how did she manage? Wouldn’t it have been better for her to stay in one place? Now, you can get your education online. Maybe it was a good thing, all that moving might have made her concentrate more on her schooling and less on social activities. Is that good or bad? Jennifer

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