Now Online: Chapter 21

So, just what is this "gravity" that I’ve been writing about?  Damned if I know.  Let’s listen to the experts, like Newton and Einstein in Chapter 21: Electricity & Gravity, Space & Time and see if maybe one of them has got a clue.  Then we can maybe get a better idea just how Townsend Brown’s disocoveries and inventions in the 1920s fit into the evolving scientific theories of the day.

This chapter also takes a look at what may have been the only popularly-published article that Townsend Brown ever  had published under his own by-line.  The August, 1929 edition of Hugo Gernsback’s Science And Invention magazine featured an article by "Thomas T. Brown" entitled "How I Control Gravitation" in which Brown goes to some length to explain first how his discoveries are an extension of Einstein’s recently published "Unified Field Theory" and then describes in some detail the inventions he had thus far delivered in his laboratory. 

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