Chapter 65 is Now Online

Sometimes, the hardest part about this whole undertaking is just getting the various anecdotes and stories lined up in such a way that they make some kind of sense — if not some kind of interesting reading.

So this week’s offering is  Chapter 65: Good Morning, Sweetie Peach  — which returns to the mid-1960s period (and the Morgan/Linda story line) with a recap of life for the Townsend Brown family after they returned to Philadelphia and the Martin Decker compound in the spring of 1966.

This chapter looks like it will be the first in another "trilogy" of chapters from this particular period.  But in its own way, this chapter gets much closer to the real themes of this story than many of the preceding installments. 

The real heart of this story is not the nuts and bolts or the fantastic gizmos or the diaphanous line between science and science fiction.  No, the real heart of this story has to be relationships between the people whose stories are being told. Ultimately it is about one daughter’s quest to understand the mysterious, double life her father led, and this chapter paves the way to addressing some of those questions.   

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