Chapter 64 is Now Online

No need for excuses this time: just an announcement that the "Monster is in the Box."  Or, at least, it’s up on the World Wide Inter-Webs….

Chapter 64: Flying Saucer Pipe Dreams has turned into the ‘marathon within the marathon.’  It is certainly the longest chapter of the entire book so far, running more than 20 pages in MS Word before dropping it into a web-page format.  So it’s a pretty long page. But that is perhaps as it should be, because this chapter deals in many respects with what we now recognize as the real essence of the Townsend Brown story.

Here we will see Brown as he embarks on the disinformation campaign that dominated his activities throughout the 1950s, and the opening chapters of the odyssey that will ultimately find him moving his family back and forth across the country countless times over following 30 years.

So please, fire up your browsers, oil your scroll wheels, and have a look.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please visit the forums.

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