Chapter 63 Is Now Online

Ah, more excuses.  This time… I got a new computer last week.  After 28 years of CP/M, DOS and Windows, I’m trying to see if I can "make the switch" to the Mac platform.  Got me on of them "MacBook" laptops. So a fair amount of time that should have been spent working on the new installment this past weekwent instead into fussing about with computers.  The story of my life.  Just ask my wife.

I’m still waiting for a new laptop I ordered (a month ago!) from Dell before deciding which way I’m going to go, but you don’t have to wait any more:  The latest installment is now online.

Chapter 63: The Mole, The Bug and the Prairie Chicken really needed the extra time it took to pound into shape, because this is the pivotal chapter in the life of Townsend Brown.  As you’ll begin to see in this chapter, everything that is popularly known about Townsend Brown extends from the events in this chapter.

To discuss this chapter, please visit the forums.

Actually, you might want to visit the forums of their own accord. There have been quite a few interesting threads started in the past week or so.  Anybody remember the GloMar Explorer?  A deep-sea salvage ship built but Howard Hughes that tried to recover a sunken Russian submarine  not too far from Hawaii in 1974.   What do you suppose was so important about that particular sub that the CIA spent so much money to recover it?  And what could have caused it to sink — with all hands lost — so close to Hawaii?

A subject for another chapter, perhaps…

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